Welcome to the 21st centruy (A Black Butler fangirl fanfic)

What if somehow two characters from your favorite show ever landed in the middle of your floor like Bam! Well that's what happened to Robin when she clicks on a new Black Butler OVA and Ciel and Sebastian somehow end up on her bedroom floor. With no way back to their show, Robin has to teach Ciel and Sebastian to adjust to the life of 21st century which is easier said than done not to mention that they learn that other people clicked on the that OVA as well...

Chapter 1

Photography and glitches

I was having a bad day, came to school late, didn't know there was a back on our math homework so I had a nice detention with cranky, old Mrs. Dodds for most of lunch, people tripped me as usual as I walked down the hall and this time they got lucky since I tripped face first and my binders scattered everywhere and soon people started kicking my binders around but I quickly picked my binders back up showing no emotion, and then of course Kari Ms. Popular at my school kept jabbing her pencil at my head during our test in American literature (The only class I know I'll make straight A's in) until I snapped at her which earned me a detention tomorrow and now I'm walking in the pouring rain on my way home which isn't too far but still, not fun.

"How am I not surprised it's raining in Seattle?" I mumbled to myself as I stood at a cross walk as rain poured down on my umbrellaless self and soaked my curly bright teal hair with a bright purple streak.

Finally the crosswalk motioned me to go and I trudged through the rain, my brown combat boots splashing the water. I continued walking down Park Ave. and finally reached the small brownstone which my mom and I live in.

I quickly walked up the stairs to the brownstone and quickly opened the door knowing my mom doesn't lock the door since we have Marley.

"Hey Marley!" I cooed as our giant Great Dane Marley padded over to me and I ruffled her fur.

"Are you home?" I heard my mom call out from her studio where she writes her music, creates art, that stuff.

"Yep!" I shouted back, emphasizing the p in it.

"Can you come here for a minute?" She asked.

"Sure!" I replied back as I threw my grey and black backpack onto the ground, knowing Marley won't pee on it and walked into our studio.

Our brownstone is designed with two stories, the first story is where the living room, kitchen, and my mom's studio is, on the second floor was where my bedroom, my mom's bedroom, and my br- I mean the guest bedroom is the stairs to the second floor were right beside the front door so if you took an immediate right when you shut the door behind you, you could go upstairs. The living room is what you would see first, and then there would be a door on the farthest wall from the front door which was my mom's studio and then a large section of the wall closest to me wouldn't be there since it's where the kitchen is.

My mom's studio door was open and I could faintly hear Coldplay song playing from her speakers so I knew she was painting.

I walked into the studio and looked around.

The small room that was supposed to be a large office was turned into my mom's colorful studio. Each wall had some different color that my mom painted daily for her to 'Wake up her muse' she quotes today the colors were hot pink, lime green, dark blue, and a sunflower yellow and the room had that faint smell of paint. My mom's grand piano was pushed up against the far corner of the blue east wall with crumpled up paper of my mother's music ideas surrounding the black bench and her Canon camera laid on top of her grand piano, waiting to be picked up and used.

Canvases laid on the west hot pink wall, some painted, some not, her stereo was leaning against the north yellow wall with Chris Martin softly singing the words to my mom's favorite song 'Fix You' and my mom stood in the middle of this artistic room, a paint brush in one hand, a palette in the other as she stared curiously at the blank canvas as if trying to think of a way to crack the code to her muse.

My mom's very pretty for a 34 year old, her dark red hair pulled up into a messy bun on top of her head, her glittering dark brown eyes staring into the canvas, she was a little taller than most women in their early 30's but it made her look even more elegant, she was average weight even though I have to enforce that she eats since when it comes to her and art, not even starving to death will get in the way.

"You needed me?" I asked.

"Yeah, what do you think is better, cherry blossoms or a calm forest but in the distance, you see a trail of smoke?" My mom asked, her eyes never leaving the canvas.

"Cherry blossoms, simple yet cultural and beautiful," I responded and she grinned.

"Thanks, now I need to get a cherry blossom tree," She sighed as she placed the paintbrush on her lips, causing a dab of blue to appear on her thin lips.

"Or you could use what's on your lips?" I suggested and I saw her grin.

"Brilliant idea!" She smiled and hurried to her camera and handed it to me.

"You know I was kidding right?" I asked.

"I know, just take it," She told me and I quickly snapped a perfect picture and handed it to her.

"Perfect! I told you that you've been getting better with those photography classes!" My mom grinned and I smiled back.

When I started junior high, I wanted to be a photographer so I joined my school's yearbook club and even though I was horrible at it at first by the time I was ending 8th grade, I've gotten a lot better at photography and I even have my own Canon.

"So what're we going to have for dinner?" I asked.

"Do you want take out or pizza?" My mom asked as she began sketching a rough draft of her thin lips. Even though my mom's artistic, she isn't artistic with her culinary skills, she's exploded or set a package of Ramen noodles on fire so many times before that we used to pay a guy to clean our poor microwave every week so we decided to just depend on the power of fast food places in Seattle.

"I'll order some pizza," I smiled and my mom nodded as I went to go grab the phone.

"Cheese and olives!" My mom shouted our order to remind me.

"Got it!" I replied back as I grabbed the home phone and found their number on our caller history since we ordered pizza three days ago.

After I ordered what we usually order for pizza, I hung up the phone and told mom that the pizza would be here in 20 minutes since they lady said it would be here in 10 minutes.

I headed upstairs and looked around in my room.

My room was painted dark blue since that was my favorite color when we moved in and my mom wanted to paint all of the walls since it bugged her that all of the wall colors are the same, my queen sized bed laid against the East wall with my black and white covers on it with several Sherlock throw pillows on it. On every wall was posters of either Sherlock, The Mortal Instruments, Hetalia, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and the my all time favorite Black Butler. Leaned up against my north wall was my oak desk with my silver HP laptop on it waiting patiently for me. I saved practically all of my money from 6th grade to 8th grade for my lovely little laptop, I use it for editing my photos, using the Internet for homework, projects, and of course to watch all of my favorite shows on YouTube.

On my board which was next to my desk on the wall had drawings of Sherlock, the Tardis, Daleks, and a ahem drawing of a shirtless Sebastian (You know that you daydream about a shirtless Sebastian too!) that I drew myself from when I used to be bored and our internet was down.

I sat on my black desk chair and opened my laptop and I quickly searched for YouTube and clicked on the link as soon as it popped up.

I typed in 'Black Butler Colossalcon' and began watching the Voices of Black Butler Colossalcon for the 5th time ever and laughed along at their jokes as I waited for the pizza to come.

Ding dong! I heard the doorbell ring below and I paused the video and headed downstairs.

"I got it!" I heard my mom shout as she exited her art studio and headed over to the front door.

"Hi! That'll be $15.40!" I heard a perky voice of a girl tell my mom.

"Here ya go!" My mom handed her a $20 as she grabbed the pizza box.

"Thanks! Here's your change!" The lady handed her the change and my mom shut the door behind her after saying to have a good night.

"Pizza's here!" My mom looked at me and pointed at the pizza in her hands,

"I assumed so!" I smiled back at her and we headed towards the couch and I plopped onto the coach with my mom plopping beside me and Marley plopped herself by our feet hoping that there'll be leftovers.

"So how was school?" Mom asked as she bit into her olive pizza.

"Same as usual," I shrugged and she sighed.

"I'm sorry honey, I wish I could send you to a better school," My mom sighed.

"It's okay, at least I have photography club," I smiled and she smiled back.

"I think you should become a photographer when you're older," My mom told me and I nodded.

"I think I should be too," I replied as I bit into my cheese pizza.

We continued eating our pizza and continued talking about photography, art, school our usual conversation.

"Alright, I'm full!" I sighed and my mom smiled.

"I'm going to go sketch some more of the painting I'm doing I think I'm going to call it The Painted Lips as long as someone else hasn't stolen the name," My mom got up and started talking to herself.

"Don't forget to go to bed tonight!" I shouted to my mom.

"Don't be dumb Robin! I need sleep so I can paint well!" My mom told me and I laughed.

"Love you mom, happy painting," I smiled at her and I went upstairs.

"Love you too!" She called to me.

I went upstairs and I continued watching the video once I finished it, I was about to click another video when I heard a ring from our home phone number.
I pulled my headphones out and hurried downstairs to where I left the home phone when I ordered pizza and I picked it up and looked at the caller idea.
Maddy Smiley I looked at the name of my best friend Maddy who's also a fan of Black Butler and tons of other stuff I'm into.

"Hey Maddy!" I smiled as I hit the call button.

"ROBIN! THERE'S A NEW OVA FOR BLACK BUTLER!" Maddy squealed into the phone and I pulled the phone away from my ear (When I meant fangirl I meant EXTREME fangirl when it comes to Maddy)

"Really?" I asked as I pulled the phone back to my ear.

"Yeah! I was typing up Black Butler OVA stuff and it's a new one! It takes place in during the second season before tons of final episodes so you get to see Alois and others!" Maddy told me and I could tell that she was probably bouncing up and down on the ball of her feet since she loves Alois while I love Sebastian.

"Cool! What's it called?" I asked as I went upstairs and I sat on my chair.

"It's called Black Butler OVA Portals, weird name huh?" Maddy asked as I typed it and a link to the video popped up with a picture of Grell on it.

"Are you excited that Grell's in it?" I asked and I heard her laugh.

"Of course!" Maddy laughed, she also likes Grell.

"Alright, I'll call you back when I finished watching it," I replied.

"Okay, call ya later you mundane!" Maddy told me.

"Later you crazy mundane," I replied back and hung up.

I placed the home phone beside my latop and popped my headphones into my ears and I clicked the video and it began to play as I put it on full screen.

"Are you sure this'll work?" Ciel asked Sebastian who was drawing something on the ground.

"Of course my lord, this portal should sneak you into the Trancy's Manor without Claude knowing," Sebastian told Ciel.

"Alright, then begin," Ciel ordered Sebastian and then Sebastian started mumbling some things All of a sudden my screen went all glitchy and I couldn't see anything but I could still hear the audio.

"It's working," I heard Ciel note. My screen started turning purple and swirling like a portal?

"What the heck?" I murmured as I pulled out my headphones and backed away.

"Ready my Lord?" Sebastian asked.

"Yes," I heard Ciel mumur and then silence.

"Maybe it's just part of the video," I sighed trying to calm myself until I saw black hair and blackish teal hair pop out of my screen.

"Erm, I don't think that's supposed to happen?!?" I started freaking out as I saw their faces, Ciel's and Sebastian's but the were unaware of me.

"Oh my God!" I screamed and their eyes flashed opens and they stared at me.

"Sebastian! What's happening?" Ciel snapped at Sebastian but he looked as confused as Ciel.

Soon their bodies appeared and I quickly moved my chair away not wanting footprints on it.

And soon in the flesh and bone, Ciel and Sebastian stood in my room and looked around confused.

"Who are you?" Ciel asked me, eyebrows raised.

"Um, I-I," I stammered but that's when I passed out.

Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed this first chapter of Welcome to the First Century! Please comment below what you think and I'll try to get the second chapter up soon! :) And just in case you didn't understand Robin's hair description, I made a little thing for her about what she wore that day, I mainly did it for the hair description if you guys were confused and even if you weren't please check it out that way we're all on the same page! :) Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment and rate!
Link: (http://www.polyvore.com/robin_harrison/set?id=111971060)

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