Welcome to the 21st centruy (A Black Butler fangirl fanfic)

What if somehow two characters from your favorite show ever landed in the middle of your floor like Bam! Well that's what happened to Robin when she clicks on a new Black Butler OVA and Ciel and Sebastian somehow end up on her bedroom floor. With no way back to their show, Robin has to teach Ciel and Sebastian to adjust to the life of 21st century which is easier said than done not to mention that they learn that other people clicked on the that OVA as well...

Chapter 2

Passing out sucks

When I first roused consciousness, I instantly hoped that either 1.) That Ciel and Sebastian didn't really just come out of my laptop and 2.) If they actually did that Sebastian doesn't find my drawing of him shirtless (Talk about awkward!)

"Do you think the girl is a demon?" I heard a voice ask and I instantly recognized as Ciel Phantomhive's voice so my first thought was sadly wrong and so I hope that thought number 2 doesn't happen.

"Why do you say that?" Sebastian's silky voice asked and it made me nearly pass out again.

"Well look at her hair, no human would have that color of hair!" Ciel explained.

"I don't sense anything demonic about her and she isn't like Grell," Sebastian replied.

"Strange," Ciel murmured.

"What's this?" I heard Ciel ask Sebastian as he looked around my room.

"I'm not sure my Lord, it's where we arrived from but I can't tell," Sebastian replied and I instantly knew he was talking about my laptop.

I heard footsteps padded against my white carpet and I heard an immediate stop.

"Sebastian, come look at this," I heard Ciel chuckle and I felt a sense of dread as thought number 2 came to life.

"I don't remember posing for that but maybe I can help her draw a more accurate one," Sebastian chuckled and my eyes flashed open, finally able to open my eyes.

"It looks like the girl's awake," Ciel noted and they surrounded me as I slowly got up.

"Yes, the girl's awake," I murmured as I finally got up.

"Who're you and how'd we get here and why is there a drawing of Sebastian shirtless?" Ciel asked and I blushed.

"I'm uh Robin Harrison, I'm 15, I have no idea how you got here all I know is that Bassy here made a portal to the Trancy's and the next thing I know you're here, for the drawing I got bored and so I decided to make a shirtless Sebastian which is probably wrong," I shrugged a bit embarrassed at Sebastian's smirk.

"Well, I could help you make a better one," He flirted and Ciel stared at him.

"As much as I would love that, now's not the time Bassy dear," I replied back, blushing a little more and he smirked again which made me want to swoon.

"Are you a demon?" Ciel asked.

"I wasn't the last time I checked and as Bassy said I'm not a demon," I replied.

"How do you know Grell's nickname for me and our names?" Sebastian asked, now noticing I keep calling him Bassy.

"She must spy on us with this!" Ciel pointed at the laptop.

"Do you want me to destroy it?" Sebastian asked and I started freaking out.

"No! No! No! No! No! NO! Over my dead body!" I stood in front of my laptop and glared at them.

"Well then explain why you're spying on us," Ciel told me and I sighed.

"Alright, so you know a book about a certain person right? Well, I can view you and Bassy's life visually with this," I tried to explain.

"How fascinating," Sebastian murmured.

"It's called a laptop, I can view other people's life as well, see?" I pulled out of the full screen since my laptop wasn't acting weird and then I typed in a Hetalia video and showed them the first 2 minutes of it.

"Amazing!" Ciel exclaimed.

"Yeah, but people here call it watching Hetalia and for you guys it's watching Black Butler," I explained.

"What do you mean here?" Ciel asked.

"I probably forgot to tell you huh? Welcome to the 21st century!" I smiled at their shocked faces.

"How could have this happened?" Ciel asked.

"Don't ask me," I shrugged.

"Is there any way of getting back?" I suggested.

"Brilliant! Sebastian, create a portal!" Ciel ordered.

"I would if I could but," Sebastian stated.

"What?" Ciel asked.

"There's a time limit on portals for demons," Sebastian explained.

"Well, how long?" I asked.

"About 4 months," Sebastian replied.

"What?" Ciel choked.

"We won't be able to leave here until 4 months," Sebastian explained.

"Well, great," I sighed.

"But for the meantime, I guess we'll have to stay with you," Sebastian smiled at me.

"Even greater," I sighed, realizing this is going to be an interesting 4 months.

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