Welcome to the 21st centruy (A Black Butler fangirl fanfic)

What if somehow two characters from your favorite show ever landed in the middle of your floor like Bam! Well that's what happened to Robin when she clicks on a new Black Butler OVA and Ciel and Sebastian somehow end up on her bedroom floor. With no way back to their show, Robin has to teach Ciel and Sebastian to adjust to the life of 21st century which is easier said than done not to mention that they learn that other people clicked on the that OVA as well...

Chapter 3

I make such a horrible teacher

"Robin!" Ciel shouted for me even though I was in the exact same room he was in.

"What?" I sighed as I showed Sebastian what was happening right now by handing him a newspaper and a magazine that my mom gets since my Aunt Sandra thinks that my mom's into pop culture when she's actually into pop art.

"Who's this?" Ciel pointed at a picture of Sasha Pieterse to me.

"How did you get a picture of her?" I asked eyebrows raised.

"I looked at some section titled 'Now Trending' and it said "Pretty Little Liars" so I was curious and I found a picture of her," Ciel shrugged.

"Well you're on the right track on how to become a 21 century man and that's Sasha Pieterse," I explained.

"I like her, Sebastian," Ciel started to order Sebastian to do something.

"Do NOT ask Sebastian to go get her for you," I told him.

"Why not?" Ciel asked, eyebrows raised.

"BECAUSE I don't want to be arrested for kidnapping a celebrity," I explained.

"But I want to marry her," Ciel whined.

"It's called a celebrity crush where you fall in love with that person and freak out when they come on a show so whenever asks who you're celebrity crush is tell them Sasha Pieterse," I explained.

"Do you have a celebrity crush on Sebastian?" Ciel asked and I heard Sebastian chuckle.

"Well, there's a difference between celebrity crush and fangirling, when you have a celebrity crush, there's a miniscule chance that you'll get to meet them and an even smaller chance to go on a date with them with fangirling you know that you'll never meet this guy you love but you don't want to admit it and it hurts. Luckily we have fanfictions and ice cream to make us not depressed," I explained.

"Well now that I'm real, do you have a celebrity crush on me?" Sebastian asked and I blushed.

"Shut up and read about Duchess Catherine and Prince Phillip's marriage," I ordered him.

"Robin," Ciel called.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"What's wifi?" He asked.

"Internet connection, how you're able to stalk Sasha Pieterse right now," I told him as I saw him looking at pictures of her.

"Shut up," He muttered and then went back to now trending.

"So the Queen isn't in charge of England anymore?" Sebastian asked for the 50th time now and it's only been 25 minutes.

"For the bloody last time, the Prime Minister is in charge of England like the President here," I sighed.

"Then why is there a Queen?" Ciel asked.

"Because it's a part of England's culture and history," I sighed answering his question for the 50th time.

"Can we watch Pretty Little Liars?" Ciel asked out of the blue.

"No," I answered and he frowned.

"Why not? Sasha Pieterse's in it," Ciel told me.

"Because I haven't read the books and it's nothing that you should watch," I told him.

"So about this Queen," Sebastian started.

"ARRGH!" I shouted and they both shut up.

"No need to become a pirate," Ciel smirked as I glared at him.

"I'll be back," I sighed as I walked downstairs and I walked into my Mom's studio.

She was painting the last parts of her art and soon finished and left it on the easel to dry.

"Hey Mom?" I asked peaking my head in.

"Yeah?" My mom looked at me.

"Do you have those documentaries from when you were a history teacher?" I asked. A few years ago, my mom used to be a history teacher at my high school and she always showed her kids documentaries after a unit a day before the test that way they can suck it all in before the test but after an incident which made my mom depressed for a while, she quit her job and took her documentaries with her.

"Of course! They're in my cabinet in my bedroom," She told me.

"Thanks!" I smiled.

"Hey before you leave, what do you think?" She pointed at her painting, it looked really nice, it showed a pale face with thin lips and it had blue paint trickling from an unknown source to dripping off of her chin.

"It looks good, I'd price it at $15," I told her.

"Thanks," She told me and I hurried upstairs to her room.

Her room is a little like her studio with a different color on each wall and a lot of her paintings were hung up on the wall. Her paint stained which she did herself were covered with random splotches of different colors and sizes, her kind zied bed was also filled with paint splotches nothing was one color since my mom finds it boring except for my room since I was stubborn on keeping that one color. I walked over to her white cabinet full of yellow, blue, pink, lime green, and more colored splotches and opened it.

Inside was 3 sections, one full of documentaries, one full of phonebooks, and the other was kind of hard to look at so I didn't as I picked out several DVD documentaries.

"History of England 1776-today and it was made in 2007 so that'll work, America: The Story of Us, World History from the 1800's to now which was made in 2000 so that'll work, Inventions of the Past and Today, and English Government," I murmured as I pulled out several DVDs from my mom's pile of DVDs.

I carried those back to my room and saw Sebastian and Ciel talking quietly about something.

"Here's the solution to all of your problems!" I shouted as I showed them those DVDs.

"What're those?" Ciel asked.

"DVDs, they'll help you understand culture today," I explained.

"Alright, how do we put them in?" Sebastian asked.

"Here," I opened the DVD tray out and placed the one of England's government in and then pushed it back into the laptop and watched as the DVD player appear.

"Fascinating," Sebastian murmured.

"Just shut up and watch and don't leave my room until you've watched all of those DVDs and I know my mom's in bed, and keep the volume low," I told them.

"What if we get hungry?" Ciel asked.

"Then I'll get you food, now shut up and watch," I pointed at the DVD and clicked the play button and soon they became absorbed into the DVD player.

I opened the door and shut it behind me when I thought hit me.

"They need normal clothes," I murmured to myself.

"Sadly I don't have the money for clothes, maybe Ciel can fit into...," I thought to myself. I slowly walked to the bedroom that I haven't been in for 3 years and placed my hand on the doorknob.

"No, I can't do it, not yet," I murmured as I jerked my hand away from the doorknob and went downstairs to try to escape those memories but sadly I couldn't.

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