The Phantom Games

I was bored when I wrote these.

Chapter 1

Phantom of Apples

Everyone is in my living room, nothing is on the T.V.
Raoul: Let’s do something.
Erik: Herher.
ME: Erik, did you just agree with Raoul?
Erik: Yeah, I only hate him in the stories. In real life, we are like brothers.
ME: Wow.
Christine: So, what should we do?
Erik: Monopoly!
Christine: No way! You win every time.
ME: Hey, how ‘bout ‘Apples to Apples.’
Raoul: Sounds better than doing nothing.
Everyone is in the dining room. Clockwise it’s Christine, Erik, me, and Raoul.
ME: Does anyone want a drink?
Erik: No thanks.
ME: Ok.
I pass out the cards and sit down
Raoul: Oh no, she has a coke.
ME: What?
Erik: She is going to be hyper.
ME: I’m always hyper. Who wants to be the judge?
Christine: I’ll go.
Christine pulls a green card
Christine: Fuzzy.
Erik, Raoul, and I lay down our cards
Christine: Ok, we have……”Cabbages?” “Duckies” and “Elephants.”……..Ok.
Raoul: Cabbages?
Christine: Ewww, they would be moldy cabbages. NOT CABBAGES!
ME: Drat!
Everyone looks at me
Erik: No coke.
ME: Oh come on!
Christine: Duckies!
Erik: Yes!
Everyone looks at Erik
Erik: What?
ME: I didn’t think that Raoul would put down elephants.
Raoul: I only have people.
Christine: Ok, Erik’s turn.
Erik pulls a green card
Erik: Weird.
Cards go flying
Erik: “Rust,” “Grass skirts,” and “Amputations”
Raoul, Christine, and I laugh a little
Erik: Ok……Oh what the hey, amputations.
ME: Yeah!
Erik: I thought as much.
I draw a green card
ME: Earthy.
More cards fly
ME: “Ghosts,” “Sleeping Pills,” and “Hiccups.” Ok, you guys must have bad hands because none of these cards make sense.
Raoul: It was either that or a person.
ME: Hiccups.
Christine: Thank you!
Raoul: My turn!
Raoul draws a green card
Raoul: Awkward.
Cards, well, you know
Raoul: “Rubber Gloves,” “Rolling the Car,” and “New Shoes.” Wow, finally something that makes sense. “New Shoes.”
Me: Thank you, Raoul.
Christine….green card
Christine: Obnoxious. If anyone puts down Gailia that would be an automatic win.
Me: Guys, don’t.
Raoul and Erik sit back down
Christine: “Having an Operation,” “Poison Ivy,” and “Wookies.” Wookies are not obnoxious!
Erik: Yes they are.
Christine: Poison Ivy!
Raoul: Finally!
2 hours later
ME: I am actually tired.
Erik: That’s a first.
Christine: Let’s quit.
Raoul: Sounds good. Who won?
Everyone counts their cards
Erik: Ten
Raoul: Eight
Christine: Eleven
ME: Thirteen
Erik: How?
ME: Just lucky!
Raoul: It’s the coke.
Raoul and Erik rush to the refrigerator and drink coke
Erik: Whoo, let’s play again!
ME: Ummmm, it’s ten o’clock at night and it’s a school night.
Raoul: So?
Me: Good-night! Have fun, Christine!
I rush out of room into my bedroom
Christine: Gailia!
Erik: So Christine, what to play the Wii?
Christine groans and runs away

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