Konoha 13 vs Organization XIII

Konoha 13 vs Organization XIII

Suppose the main protagonists of Naruto went up against Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts, here's what I think the battles would look like. Yes, I've included Sasuke in the Konoha 13 and excluded Xion from Organization XIII (sorry Xion fans, but she's too similar to Roxas).

Also, if I send you another invite for this, it means I added another chapter, so be sure to check it out!

Chapter 1

13 Battles

1) Sasuke vs Xemnas

2) Neji vs Xigbar

3) Tenten vs Xaldin

4) Sakura vs Vexen

5) Choji vs Lexaeus

6) Sai vs Zexion

7) Kiba vs Saix

8) Hinata vs Axel

9) Shikamaru vs Demyx

10) Shino vs Luxord

11) Ino vs Marluxia

12) Rock Lee vs Larxene

13) Naruto vs Roxas

I will give details for each matchup in later chapters, not in any particular order, so stay tuned!
On that note, the next chapter will focus on Shikamaru vs Demyx.

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