I Sold My Soul To The Devil

I Sold My Soul To The Devil

Jessica Grace Viola is your normal teenager, dealing with school, work, boys, friends, parents etc. Then again, maybe not. She had the ability to see what others miss, or pretend not to see because they don’t want to. She’s better with emotions and seeing the secrets that people try so hard to hide. To be able to see what's really there on the inside instead of the lies and façade that is on the outside. Of course, that has a downside. Jessica sold her soul to the devil

Chapter 1

The Secret Sin

“You aren’t born to live life happily. You aren’t born to live at all.”

This was a phrase that Jessica grew up hearing quite frequently. How could you not, when you lived on the wrong side of the tracks? New York City, glamour, glitz and fairytales. All of it was a complete lie. Every small lie was only a fragment of the big picture. It was like feeding a hungry monster. It just keeps getting bigger and out of control. That’s what lies do, they start small and then get bigger as ambitions get bigger. Soon, you have a mess you don’t know how to clean up. Jessica was bitter about her life, always had been. Seventeen years old and all this reality crashes down on you. Watchful. She sees. Her name translated to this, and it made sense. She wasn’t like others. She saw the bare walls, photos covering them, but it seemed as if the subjects in question had walked out of the frame. Faded and old, they began to look more frightening than comforting, like the ghosts of the house had planted themselves into the paintings and taken the forms of the people in the real pictures. Only Jessica saw this, making her wonder if she was going insane. Her family just brushed it off as having an overactive imagination, not really paying much mind to her. That was the other thing. No one believed her, not even her two best friends, Samantha and Josslyn. She was all alone, with only her eternal demon for company. Yes, I said eternal demon. However, it wasn’t a creepy dead child, but a young man with dark eyes, jet black hair, and pale skin. She offered her soul and body to the devil, in a way I suppose.

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