Eternal Bonds (unedited)

Eternal Bonds (unedited)

Hi, I’m Lucy and welcome to my life, I’m 16 and live in an orphanage with my best friends Jess, Petra, Charlie there’s also my male mates Dan and Kieran. There the best. But then this other guy comes to our home. His name is Jack he changed my way of life….

Chapter 1

The Boy

by: Megyxx
In the morning I went down the cold, empty stairs to find two of the greatest friends I have ever had eating breakfast in the kitchen.
“Hey” said Charlie and Kieran at the same time.
“Morning” I replied in a tired sleepless voice.
I didn’t get much sleep as that Jack guy was playing music really loudly but I was the only one affected by this as Charlie and Kieran sleep in more to the west of the house. The house is huge, massive bigger than the church which now chimes one, two, three, four, five, six and now seven it must be seven o’clock.
Oh no here comes Jack. Jack has only been here a night but I think there’s something mysterious about him his hair is jet black and all up in spikes he looks alright and only 16 like me but again something don’t seem right about him. Some of the girls here fall over him and just sigh as he walks past them, this happens especially when he walks past Jess. Jess is the typical teen-aged girl how falls for all the boys that she thinks winks at her, points at her or even just looks at her its soo funny. Anyway, Jack is now eating breakfast with us; he seems suspicious like he’s hiding something.
“Why you looking at me”
He said. I just sat there until I heard a bone chilling, horrible scream. We all except Jack run up those cold stairs to find Petra crying her heart out and still screaming, I go over and calm her down as I walk over to her I notice why she’s screaming. Our head care worker lying lifeless on the floor with blood all over his head. I think Petra is having a panic attack soo I take her out side to make sure she calms down while I call the ambulance.
When the ambulance comes and leaves taking the body we’re all in tears. Our head care worker’s name was Trevor West but we called him Mr West as he didn’t like being called Trevor he was awesome he let us do anything well to a certain extent, anyway once everyone went back inside Jack was standing on the first step of the staircase holding out a gun. Once I locked the door I turned to see it, I knew there was something mysterious about him so I said in full confidence
“What are you doing Jack I thought you were our friend”
“Well you thought wrong” he said. This is the first time I have heard him talk; he sounded like a calm down to earth person yet soo dangerous. He wouldn’t let us leave the house but some of the people tried.
The next day came and went; the next day came and went until the first day off school someone tried to run but another ambulance came and went with another cold lifeless body with a gunshot wound to her head. This time I couldn’t take it soo I take his gun while he was asleep and tied him to his bed, this to make sure he couldn’t move or escape from the house while I went to the police about him.
They came back with me and took him away. Everyone was soo happy. But the looks in Jack’s eyes are full of tears and sorrow like it wasn’t him and that it was someone controlling him. I went in a week of the death; to the prison to talk to him hopefully he would tell me the truth.
“Hey Jack” I said when I finally got through the front gate.
“Oh it’s you, what do you want?”
He still has those tears in his eyes and the dark circles around his eyes; it looks like he hasn’t slept or eaten in ages. His voice sounds soo deep; I haven’t really looked in to his eyes or heard his voice properly before, he seems so innocent and harmless how could he do such a thing.
“I came to talk to you about what happened”
“What do you want to know?” he said it like he wanted to talk about it,
“Well the truth, did you really want to kill him?”
I said, nervous of the answer yet wanting to know what was really going on in his head “no I didn’t want to shot him there are voices inside of my head they won’t leave, the thing is I’m a government project look see this it’s a scar they planted a tracking devise in me” tears are falling down his pale cheeks, he’s looking straight into my eyes deeper and deeper. He comes a little closer to the bars
“Help me Lucy, please help me get away from the government PLEASE I BEG YOU!!!”
A week later he was in court but he was convicted guilty but is on parole. Finally I saved up the right amount of money over 2 months of tiring work. Now I’m going to get him out.
“Jack!” I said with excitement
“What do you want Lucy you haven’t been here for over a month!” he said
“I’ve missed you”
“Well now I have the money to get you out!!”
“What really!” he said with a amazing look on his face he had a massive grin on it as the guard took him to the front office and watched as I handed the other guard the money. The guard took off his hand cuffs as he did so Jack slung his arms around me
“Thank you soo much I couldn’t have survived in this place, not without you” he’s hugging me soo tight I almost couldn’t breathe but then he let go.
“Why did you set me free??”
“I don’t see you how others see you, if that government thing was real then I believe you and I honestly think you are a kind, innocent man…” then he cut me off
“I thank you soo much I can never repay, you saved me and there is no possible way to repay you”
“I… knew you were different….” He cuts me off again but this time with a kiss.
Jack is and was soo sweet after that but then the government decided to get him back in and do more tests on him. They took him away from me. I collapse as I was soo ill as we had no money now he was gone. My eyes flash open all I see it white and its moving no wait I’m moving but where I try to look you but I can’t where am I going I can’t move wait I can move my head but as I do so we stop I turn to my right and see nothing but a wall but now I turn to my left and see him.
“Jack!!” I try to shout but I can’t.
“Wake up Lucy” someone’s nudging me
“Lucy wake up” I open my eyes to see jack is there looking down on me
“Ahh your awake”
“Where am I?”
“You’re with me in a special room” I sit upright and look to my left and I see a blacked out screen
“They are in there aren’t they watching us”
“Yes but they can’t hear us”
“What do they want with you with me!?”
“I don’t know” we sit there in silence for a bit then he said
“Thank you again for saving my life I really appreciate it”
“It was the least I could do”
“Look at me” he said moving my face to face his, our eyes meet he kisses me again and says
“Thank you” as he says that he turns and walks away.
The next morning I wake up to find someone else in the room
“Hi I’m Natasha and you are?”
“Oh I’m Lucy do you know why we’re here?”
“No sorry, but I want to get out!”
“Me too, Is there anyone else here?”
“Nope only me, you and Jack”
“Oh but where is jack?”
“Having test’s done oh look out there going to make you watch to see what your reaction will be”,
“Ok thanks for the warning”.
Like Natasha said they came and took me towards a white place but the room seemed bigger. They made me stand in a room on my own but with jack in pain up against a wall with loads of monitors around him checking every little change that was made in his body.
I whispered to him he did not reply but his eyes were open. I could see that pain in his eyes, it hurt me. I put my hand up to touch his face, tears started to roll down mine and his cheeks I rub his off him, he tried to smile but the pain was too much. I felt his pain and he felt mine, I fell to the floor in agony, clutching my chest as that was where my pain lied. Finally the people turned off the machine and said that they had got enough evidence for the day. As they turned off the machine Jack fell to the floor, he sat up leaning on the wall,
“Are you alright?” he said
“I’m fine are you ok?”
“Yea I think I know what they’re doing”
“What, what are they doing?”
“They’re connecting us so that if one of us feels pain so will the other”
“Oh I get it that’s why it hurt me like it hurt you”
“Yes exactly”.
The next day they took us away again but this time they tide us both to chairs next to each other. They then decided to hurt us again, they cut Jack arm just a small cut but then I suddenly see blood coming down the side of my arm exactly where Jack was cut on his arm.
“Ahh” they said “it worked”
“what worked” I shouted at them but they said nothing and put us back in the room we were in yesterday, now it’s my turn on that painful machine. The pain is horrific I’m strapped to this machine; I can see it on Jack’s face he and I was in soo much pain that he fell to the floor, again they turn off the machine and I fall to the ground as I had blanked out yet Jack caught me before I hit the ground. Now I just lay in his arms there soo warm and pleasant.
“Lucy?” Jack’s voice soft against my cheek, I mumbled in reply,
“Oh thank God your still alive” I open my eyes slowly, we seem to be in the same room they left us in,
“Jack what happened where we are?”
“Don’t worry were safe we are in the same room you just blanked out that’s all ok”
“Ok” I said quietly like a whisper. I lay there on his lap, him stroking my hair this all felt so nice and calm like a dream but this was no dream, but a nightmare that we could not get out of.

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