I CHALENGE YOU!!! (Febuary version)

For those of you who don't know how this works, once a month I will post a challenge for you to do. You must change your profile for a week following the theme I present.

It is totally optional, if you deside not to do it thats ok, I'll just hunt you down in your sleep and kill you (3

Chapter 1

Febuary 7th-14th

by: Luxray100
For those of you who did the January version I was impressed by those of you who showed your true colors and made awesome profiles representing yourselves.

So since Febuary is all about valentines day, and personaly im not a fan, I want you to change your profile as either anti-valentines day or pro-valentines day.

From Friday Febuary 7th to Friday Febuary 14th I want you to have an awesome profile change on your veiw of valentines day.


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