Heroes Rejects ~An Original Group Story

You hear about Superman? Or Hulk? Or even Thor? Yes? Well, these teenagers were once considered to be Heroes, but their powers are strange and not meant to be used to save people.

Geena, Jordan, Macy, and Roman are forced to hide their powers in order to fit in. What will happen when they get together? Will their powers help them in a dire time of need? Read the story to find out.

Chapter 1

Geena ~An Ordinary School Day

Have you ever wondered what it was like to hide something huge from people? Like a superpower or something? No? Well I do.

My hood and hair got in my face as I walked in the school, ignoring the gossiping cheerleaders and jocks around me, preferring to be alone. I didn't want friends. I didn't want to be teased on my powers. It was weird and I was ashamed of it. I never used it in front of people and I didn't plan on it anytime soon. As I reached my locker, I hadn't said one word to anyone I passed. What was the point? I was different. I had power that others didn't. I'm the only one in this school that isn't normal.

"Hey, Geena!" The sound of my name caused me to turn around and face the cute soccer boy jogging up to me. He was nice, but he had his crowd and I had mine. We could never work out.

"Jordan?" Confusion filled my face when he finally stood in front of me. Jordan didn't usually come all the way to my locker. He usually just stood a few feet away, talking to me.

"Geena, you should come with me. I got something to show you."

*"I just got here, Jordan."

"Yeah, whatever. Just follow me." He grabbed my hand, causing my heart to jump in my throat. Why me? I pushed my locker closed and quickly followed him outside to the field.

"Jordan, I don't feel like doing anything today." Whining wasn't helping the situation, but this was normal. He'd pull me to the field to watch him practice some moves before school started.

"Have I ever made you do anything?" I didn't reply as I was seated on the bench like every day as Jordan ran over the ball in the middle of the grassy field. "Watch this!" He hesitated before doing some fast fancy move that I could barely keep my eyes watching. I don't even know what he did. Whatever move he made it hit the net, causing me to smile and clap for him. Whether we would work or not, I was still nice to him. More than five times, I've almost told him that I've got a strange power. Too close to call.

"That was amazing, Jordan! Now, can I go back inside?" He laughed and nodded, not moving as I headed back inside. Sometimes I think my crush on Jordan will be the death of me. As soon as I reached my first hour AP History, the bell rang and I sat in the back of the class, staying quiet as usual.

"Good Morning class."

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