Cowgirls and Horses (poem)

Chapter 1

by: Luxray100
I spend all day in some far off place with one thing on my mind,
my fingers tap to the beat,
tatatap tatatap,
the more I think about it the faster they go,
when we're together we can do anything,
we fly across the feild without a care in the world,
his creamy fur and his hidden star thats barely visible,
the way he throws his head can say so much,
he will often sit stubbornly refusing to move,
he will threaten to bite or push me away,
sometimes he even tries to make me run,
I suppose it's some sort of payback for making him,
he's fat and lazy and stubborn as can be,
but that never stopped me,
we have our good moments,
and we have our bad moments,
sometimes it's even sad,
but when I'm sad he dries my tears,
and after the bad there is often cheer,
even though we're not a perfect match,
we always have eachothers backs,
my horse and me have always been close,
when we ride accross the grassy plains,
we aren't two different species,
we aren't just a horse and rider,
we are the spirit of a long forgotten time,
when humans and horses were a single being.

The one who inspired me to write this was my horse Drifter. Drifter is a cremello Mustang that I got when I was two. Me and him are the same age and more alike than you would ever believe. But we have our differences that often come between us when we're together. But no matter how much we fight he has my back and I have his. Horses are better than any human.


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