Emily's Rant Book

Chapter 1: Valentine's Day
Chapter 2: Black History Month
Chapter 3: Exercise, Weight, and Society's Perspective on These (And link to another rant)
Chapter 4: Disabilities, Disorders, and Medical Issues
Chapter 5: Military Barbies
Chapter 6: "Math is mental abuse to humans!"
Chapter 7: Feminazis
Chapter 8: Quibblo Rant
Chapter 9: Goals
Chapter 10: Open-mindness
Chapter 11: Greeks vs. Romans
Chapter 12: Music Artists Changing Their Style

Well running out of characters here!

Chapter 2

Black History Month

Now I am just going to say this: I don't have any issue with African American's having their month. I'm not racist. I agree they suffered. Etc.

However they are not the only ones who have suffered in American History. If African Americans get their month so should the Irish, the Japanese, and the Native Americans.

Irish, by God American's were downright nasty to the Irish Immigrants.

Japanese, do we really need to get into World War II and the Interment Camps?

Native Americans. Trial of Tears. Slavery. Giving of Diseases. Killing of the Masses. And this was there land. That's like somebody coming into your house, making you a slave, taking your stuff and replacing it with stuff that is disease ridden, then kicking you out of your house and forcing you to live in a smaller, less nice, more cramped living space.

The thing is with the Africans, the African's sold other Africans as slaves. Natives did that too but not as much. They deserve a month too. The Japanese deserve a month. The Irish deserve a month. Every ethnicity, religion, or whatnot that has been oppressed and trampled on in this country deserves a month! Not just one. I'm not opposed to Black History Month, however if they get a month everybody else should get one too. Either that or nobody gets a month. And there are tons more groups than the ones I listed.

That's just my two cents. Agree with me, disagree with me, it really doesn't matter.

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