Emily's Rant Book

Chapter 1: Valentine's Day
Chapter 2: Black History Month
Chapter 3: Exercise, Weight, and Society's Perspective on These (And link to another rant)
Chapter 4: Disabilities, Disorders, and Medical Issues
Chapter 5: Military Barbies
Chapter 6: "Math is mental abuse to humans!"
Chapter 7: Feminazis
Chapter 8: Quibblo Rant
Chapter 9: Goals
Chapter 10: Open-mindness
Chapter 11: Greeks vs. Romans
Chapter 12: Music Artists Changing Their Style

Well running out of characters here!

Chapter 21


I had a job, a lifeguard. All out of the blue my mom is like "no you can't do that anymore but you still have to freaking work". I life guarded in the morning before school, these other places won't have that option. And next year I have AP Classes and the honors ones aren't really a cake walk either (Latin 3 might be...Pre-Cal I mean I haven't taken it yet but I know it kicks people's butts and even though I am good at math I suspect I will work at it.

Her: Dollar General is hiring.

So I went in there and got the application card. I don't want a summer job, I am at the point of 100% complete apathy and I need the rest period of summer. I can't have a year round job, my classes won't allow it. And no mom, they won't allow me to work only on weekends or one hour a week, my friends who have jobs that will tell you. I need to drive as to not inconvince you as dance and school does. You did want a child. But with that I've had 57 minutes out of the required 60 hours since October. And yeah I was a lifeguard before and I liked it. Now you want me to do a crappy job at minim wage. Yes I am upset. I think anybody would be.

And she pulled out a family friend of ours, Tracy. "Tracy is looking for a job." Well oh well. Tracy is in standard classes. I'm in AP. There is a world of difference in standard in AP with ciriculum and the work itself. You're hard pressed to find an AP student with a job because of that. And I have all these volunteer hours for the different honors society's.

When I tell her that she said I was a snob.

No mom just no.

And then she said:

"I don't understand you. I wanted a job and I wanted to go out and shop and have money. You just stay in your room listening to the same song."

Well you also didn't take Algebra 2 until junior year and chemistry until senior and I'm taking both as a Sophmore. You didn't have my crazy teachers who have made me so apathetic at this point from the work. You haven't had eight hours of homework every weekend for a month and a half. So don't compare. And then we get to the life experiences. Excuse me if I'm different because of that. Bïtćh.

I liked working as a lifeguard. I don't like working at a place where the cashier asked me what 100-15 was because they couldn't do the math and the cashiers calculator wasn't working and spoke in such a fragmented way it was hard to understand. I know I would hate it. And it's bad enough I have summer reading, I don't want to work either. Vacation. And "I can only do summer" is a turn off I bet and they don't really often work with your schedule. Just ask my friend West.

So yeah, mom piss me off.

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