Emily's Rant Book

Chapter 1: Valentine's Day
Chapter 2: Black History Month
Chapter 3: Exercise, Weight, and Society's Perspective on These (And link to another rant)
Chapter 4: Disabilities, Disorders, and Medical Issues
Chapter 5: Military Barbies
Chapter 6: "Math is mental abuse to humans!"
Chapter 7: Feminazis
Chapter 8: Quibblo Rant
Chapter 9: Goals
Chapter 10: Open-mindness
Chapter 11: Greeks vs. Romans
Chapter 12: Music Artists Changing Their Style

Well running out of characters here!

Chapter 22

This isn't a rant

So there is this program where I live and it allows teens to volunteer at the hospital. Now in terms of medical careers I would either want to depress myself and work with children with cancer or do neurosurgery. Now the program doesn't really allow you to volunteer in those, and right now I am doing general errands and working in the nutritional department.

Now I might get moved over to the children's hospital and do that instead of nutrition. Don't get me wrong, I like that and all but the children's hospital is closer to one of my two medical career choices and I'm excited! Now if they end up not moving me...yeah.

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