Emily's Rant Book

Chapter 1: Valentine's Day
Chapter 2: Black History Month
Chapter 3: Exercise, Weight, and Society's Perspective on These (And link to another rant)
Chapter 4: Disabilities, Disorders, and Medical Issues
Chapter 5: Military Barbies
Chapter 6: "Math is mental abuse to humans!"
Chapter 7: Feminazis
Chapter 8: Quibblo Rant
Chapter 9: Goals
Chapter 10: Open-mindness
Chapter 11: Greeks vs. Romans
Chapter 12: Music Artists Changing Their Style

Well running out of characters here!

Chapter 3

Exercise, Weight, and Society's Perspective on These

"I'm going to exercise to be skinny!"

Best way for me to immediately have issues with you. Exercise because you like it. Exercise to be healthy not skinny. If loosing ten pounds is a part of being healthy, fine. It just shouldn't be your main reason or goal.

I exercise well because I like it and besides I need to get out my hyperactive energy somehow. I also exercise to be healthy. For me that includes "bulking up" on muscle because I need to gain weight. But while gaining weight is a goal of mine it isn't my main one. Not even close.

Everybody is different. My healthy weight is not going to be another person's healthy weight. Height comes into play with this, as does muscle mass. Also lets take a visit at scientific body types.

Ectomorph Body Type:
-Long arms and limbs
-High metabolism (hard to gain weight)
-Linear shape
-Delicate build
-Narrow hips and pelvis
-Muscle and bone outlines usually visible
-Less fat and muscle mass than other builds.
-Is the body of models
-Are more likely to get hurt in sporting events due to "frail stature"
-Best at endurance and speed activities
-Small joints and bones
-Excel at cardiovascular training
-Flat chest

Mesomorph Body Type:
-Has more testosterone (hormone that builds muscles), than any other body type
-Broad shoulders
-Thick bones and muscles
-Well-defined chest and shoulders that are both larger and broader than your waistline
-Hips generally same width as shoulders
-Toned and defined muscles
-Poor flexibility
-Store fat evenly over their bodies
-The Athletic Body type
-Not one for cardiovascular stuff

Endomorphic Body Type:
-Medium bones
-Hourglass figure or Pear-shaped
-Most fat is stored at the bottom half of the body
-Most common body type (or most prominent)
-Shorter arms and legs
-Highest chance of being obese
-Slowest metabolism of the body types
-Usually short
-Muscles not defined

Most people have two of these traits blended together. One is just more prominent than the other.

These are all very different body types. If you are an endomorph, you will never ever look like a super model who is a ectomorph. It's not happening. So why do you try and give yourself false hopes and hurt yourself? It's unhealthy!

Also the ectomorphs (females) and mesomorphs (males) you see on magazines....less than 1% of the population. Keep that in mind.

So if you are exercising to look like a celebrity, well brace yourself for the reality check. Unless you have that scientific body type it's not happening. Sorry.

That weight for them is healthy! I'm pretty tiny, very tiny actually. Most people if they were my size would be starving themselves. I can't count my ribs unless I suck in. Why? Because I am a freaking ectomorph. And excuse my jerkiness and pig headiness here with this. I know it can't be nice for a super skinny girl to be saying this. However exercise to be healthy not skinny.

When you exercise to be skinny, you have unrealistic expectations and it can and probably will lead to disappointment and eating disorders or something. Doing it to be healthy...it might but most likely won't.

Now on to the society part of it.

I've had people come up to me and start planning interventions. I don't know these people! They see me and assume I am anorexic and take it as their god given duty to help me. I don't know them!

Now flip this around. If I went up to average weight- overweight people and started planning a dietary and exercise intervention- well that would be totally unacceptable.

It is the same thing! It works both ways!

A while ago in Spain and Israel too, they banned models with a BMI of 18 or lower from walking the runway as it gives a bad image of health and makes young teens have self-image issues. Bullshit. How is that the models fault? I find it offensive because it is basically saying that if you are that skinny, naturally that got damned skinny, you are responsible for every teenage girls self confidence problems. And flip this situation around. If somebody told people with a BMI of 20 or over couldn't do their job, well you know they would have hell to pay. And modeling is those people's job.

My BMI is 17.5-17.7 (The doctor changes my height from 5'9 to 5'9 and a half every time). I am underweight as my BMI is under 18.5. I've never dieted or puked up my food intentionally (I have had food poisoning and stomach virus and other stuff that makes you puke but that's not the point). And I am actually healthy. I'm not dying or anything, you can't count my ribcage, I eat trust me. Ban the obvious starving themselves models if you must but determine that by more than just BMI.

Besides if you are developing self confidence issues from a models weight, well you have bigger issues you need to deal with.

It works both ways. Same with hate crimes. If a black person attacks a white person it's fine. A white person does it to a black person- oh its a hate crime. I've experienced this first hand. In sixth grade I went to a school where whites were the minority. Well I got attacked one day, and all of the kids were black. I fight back in self defense but I do end up getting a blood clot and I have to be rushed to the hospital. None of the kids get in trouble. I do because I did a "hate crime" because I hit the black hits (after they attacked me, and it was like twenty to one) and I'm white. No. Just no.

Basically, it works both ways society. That's all.

http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/jbaSFqg/Rant-On-Popularity (Rant on Popularity)

Just because I think it goes with the whole theme of this story/book/thing-a-mabob.

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