My Master's Brother -BxB-

My Master's Brother -BxB-

Love is hard to find, harder than it seems. Especially when you love somebody that is the same gender as you.
- Parker Gray Drew

Chapter 1


Well, hey there! The name is Parker, Parker Gray Drew. Yeah, I know, my name sucks - well, at least the meaning of it sucks. Oh, so you may be wondering what the meaning is, so here it is; Keeper of the Park. Yep, I must be destined to work as a park ranger or whatever you call it.

But I guess I am pretty different from the rest of the guys at my school. I mean, I am part neko so that has to be a difference, right? Oh, and I am gay!

I recently started living with my new master, Scarlett. She is super sweet and awesome, I love her! Not like the real love her I- uh- oh God, this is hard to explain.

Okay, now that we are off that topic... I love Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, and Sleeping With Sirens. Both my parents are now dead, but I d-deal with it.

I blow out my candles on October 13th, but by the time I turn nineteen - I am currently seventeen - I will stop aging. I am not exactly sure if that is good or not... Maybe I should ask Scarlett.

Well, I am off. Bye!

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