My Master's Brother -BxB-

My Master's Brother -BxB-

Love is hard to find, harder than it seems. Especially when you love somebody that is the same gender as you.
- Parker Gray Drew

Chapter 2


Oh, I don't know you but hi! My name is Scarlett. I am one of the top masters known. That means I don't use my slaves for anything! Well, except for their blood. But I don't drink a whole lot and I only need every once and awhile.

If you haven't guessed I am a vampire - only one hundred fifty. I have slight anger issues, that can and do get out of hand. But I swear I try to control them! I recently started taking medication for my anger issues but I don't think the meds are working.

Anyway, I love dark purple - purple means royal - it is my color and Parker says I look really good in it. He is one of the sweetest slaves! I would go bisexual for him. That is right ladies I am lesbian! Anyway, I love MCR, BVB, and SWS.

I guess that is all, bye!

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