My Master's Brother -BxB-

My Master's Brother -BxB-

Love is hard to find, harder than it seems. Especially when you love somebody that is the same gender as you.
- Parker Gray Drew

Chapter 3


Well, Scarlett probably forgot to mention me, again. But I am her brother, Dallas. Yep, like the place. I don't know if she told you - she probably didn't - but I am her sire. The one and only vampire who made her a vampire.

I am one hundred sixty, but I still look and feel like I am nineteen. I guess you could say I am pretty calm and laid back. I am like Scarlett, I don't drink to harm anyone or for "fun." In fact, I recently started drinking animal blood.

But, I will tell you this. I am not anything like Bella or Edward - although they are not that bad of movies - I do not freakin' sparkle! I burn in the sunlight, I don't sparkle like a freakin' fairy!

But I guess I should tell you a bit more, I am gay. I live in an abandoned building - but my sister lives in a mansion with only her and her slave, Terri. My favorite color is green and that is all, bye!

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