Feel Good Tips

It's okay to like yourself.

I believe the problem 99% of people have is that they do not know how to like themselves.

They think they don't have the confidence, beauty, intelligence, and many more things they think they don't have. But they do.

I hope you can begin to like yourself through my tips.

I will update this as well for more tips

Chapter 1


Everyone has trouble accepting themselves. I don't care who you are but there is always something about you that you might not like about yourself.

Weight, skin tone, height, eye color, hair color, your face, your body type, your voice, your laugh, acne, your teeth, your smile, anything. It can be anything.

Those are all things we might not like about ourselves.

But it's okay. We are all human.

You first need to take baby steps to accept yourself.

Self confidence: a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment

Confidence has nothing to do with your physical appearance. Nothing to do with weight, height, skin tone, Nothing. It's trusting in your own abilities, qualities, and judgment. Like the definition above says.

But lets say you believe it does have to do with appearance(Which it DOES NOT)

Everyday at least once a day compliment yourself.
"Oh, I like this make up makes my... look nice"
"I sure look good in these jeans"
"these jeans/shoes make me look tall"
"I look nice today"
"I love this outfit I look nice in it"
"I like my hair this way"

NOTE: You DO NOT have to wear make up to look nice, only wear make up to enhance your features NOT hide them! (But if its to hide a zit, pimple, scar, etc... Go for it, but don't over do it.)

If you have a favorite outfit, jewelry(necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc...) that you think you look good wearing, that can also help boost your self esteem!

Hair Tips
If your hair tends to be greasy, or you have dandruff here are some hair tips.

For dandruff: use head and shoulders, I use it have it helps me with it, you can use it every other time you take a shower.

For grease: when you shampoo massage it into your sculpt, then after you wash it out, with the conditioner(or crème rinse) only put it on the part of your hair that would go into a pony tail, not your sculpt. It really does help with grease I do this and it's not as much as a problem anymore.( Note: I got this tip from someone else, but I do not remember who).
If you want longer hair then brush your hair a lot, for example in the morning, whenever your hair seems to be knotted, and before you go to bed, I do this and it grows fast, it's because when you brush your hair it stimulates the blood flow and helps it grow better. (Tip from my mother :)

If you get acne:
wash your face when
-you wake up
-when you take a shower
-at night, before you go to bed

NOTE: I don't get acne that much...
ALSO some people just have oily faces and it can not be helped, a few people who just have oily f\skin and they can't fix it, but don't worry about it! :)

Acne does not define your beauty

On another Note

A quote:
"Judging someone does not define who they are, it defines who YOU are."

Another thing is, When I see a mirror I do a silly pose)hands on hips, weight on one leg usually, flips hair), and say "Man, I look good today" -flips hair again-
I do that NOT because I am full of myself, but because it helps me feel good about myself, I try to dress nice, and maybe do my hair different, and try a new outfit arrangement to try and boost my self esteem, I do have some confident issues like I said above, everyone does no matter who you are there is always something you don't like about yourself.

Even that girl/boy you see that you think it the most perfect human on earth, they might think themselves as unattractive, overweight, underweight, etc... Because they do not know how to accept themselves.,

Everyone had confident issues.

Not everyone can accept themselves. But they can try and slowly work up to who they want to be. You just have to TRY. Don't be a couch potato and say "I'm so fat, I need to work out" . then when someone says "then work out, I'll work out with you" DO NOT COMPLAIN AND SAY "I'm too lazy." That will never get you anywhere.

If you want to lose weight then do it, do not put if off or say you are "too lazy" being lazy is why you never get anywhere or get closer to be who you want to be. if you know you should work out then go change into shorts or whatever and work out..

I will be updating this. More to come later!

Feel free to message me for more tips or whatever.


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