Teen Titans Love Story

Super Hero name: Cosmic Owl
Real Name: Millie Bryony
Looks: Blue long hair, very skinny, keeps her hair in a ponytail all the time, blue eyes, wears a lot of blue LOL
From: California
Couple: Robin X Millie

Chapter 1

-Millie's POV- <sorry the 1st chapter is so long!>

All I remembered was flashing, I remember blood too and I remember falling far from the atmosphere and into water. The last I knew I woke up and I could taste salt and could feel soil. My vision was blurred at first but soon I adjusted to the dark night. I coughed and looked up, it was a an island that had a building in the shape of a T. It was raining and I was cold, I ran to the door and rang the doorbell. I waited a while in the cold air; I could see my breath occasionally. I rang it again; I even tried yelling even though no one could hear me.
“Hello?” I ask the air.
Soon a face appeared on the screen, it was a green boy.
“Who is it?” asked another boy in the background.
“Some girl, I don’t know who she is,” the green boy yelled.
“Please help I’m cold and lost, I don’t remember who I am or where I am and I-I really need some help,” I said stuttering and shivering.
The boy walked away I heard small conversation in the background; I still searched around in confusion.
The door slid open so I walked through them. I fell to my knees exhausted; a girl who was flying picked me up.
And when I woke up in a pink girly room, I started to adjust and take everything in, next to me was the flying girl with reddish hair.
“Hello,” she stated.
“Hi, thanks for helping me,” I said.
“No problem, do you remember your name?”
“Millie,” I said, “Though I don’t remember how I got here. It’s all a blur. I remember falling and blood and-” I stopped for a moment and saw an image of a bright white room and a skinny grey hand reaching for me, then it went away.
The girl was looking at me confused as though I was speaking another language.
“I’m sorry,” I said.
“Do you remember your home’s location?” she asked.
“I-I don’t remember,” I said sadly.
“Let me go and update Robin about all this. I will bring you to the kitchen which where you will locate your breakfast,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone.
I stood up, when I saw I was in pink chibi cats PJs I wanted to vomit, god I hate pink, I thought.
But I didn’t say anything; I just followed the weird flying girl to the kitchen. There I saw the green boy and the cyborg and a girl wearing some hoodie type thing. I waved my hand shyly, “Hi,” I whispered.
“Hello my name is Beast Boy; would you like some tofu bacon?” He asked.
EW! I thought. I shook my head no slightly, “Sorry.”
He shrugged, “Nah its cool.”
“No one wants your gross tofu! Here have some real food!” Cyborg said as he slid some bacon and eggs on my plate.
The girl in the hoodie just looked at me as I walked to the plate and started eating the bacon and scrambled eggs.
“So what’s your name? Mine is Raven,” the girl with the hoodie said.
I swallowed my bacon, “Millie.”
“What made you come across the Titan Tower?” Beast Boy asked.
“I don’t remember,” I said, the bright lights flashed into my mind again and I rubbed my eyes and ate my eggs fast.
“Man you know how to eat!” Beast Boy said.
I swallowed my mouthful of eggs and said slightly, “Sorry.”
“It’s okay, that’s kind of…normal here,” Raven said.
“I’m just nervous, I don’t know what’s going on really,” I said, and then I ate my second piece of bacon.
I wanted ketchup for my eggs but I didn’t want to bother anyone so I just kept my mouth shut and ate my eggs plain.
“Well you’re here with the Teen Titans and we’ll help you no matter what,” Beast Boy said.
I chewed my last piece of bacon, “Okay thank you very much.”
A boy approached me, he had black hair and his eyes were very mysterious and he kind of made me nervous when he stared at me, but I tried not to show it.
“Hey I’m Robin.”
“And I’m Millie,” I said presenting my hand, Robin shook it and then let go.
“Starfire told me you don’t remember a lot, so would you mind if we go to the research lab and get some fingerprint to find out some information,” Robin said, “Then I could show you around.”
“Okay,” I said gripping at my pants and giving a nervous smile.
Robin and I started to walk down the hallway it was long and it made me scared to be alone with him. We finally came to a room, the door slipped open and when I entered the room I saw a bunch of computers and gadgets.
“Stick your hand there,” he said pointing to screen that said so I did it and a green line started going from top to bottom of the screen, scanning my hand. When it was done the screen said
Then Robin grabbed my chin lifted it and put a swab into my mouth and then put the swab into a vile, I started to bite my lip and fidget with my cuticles.
“That’s it,” Robin said.
I stood there, my heart was pounding and screaming but I made it look like it was all cool, I can’t freak out because I barely know this guy.
Then he took my wrist and led me to the hallway, I blushed and was glad he couldn’t see it.
“Your room is here,” Robin said, when the door slid open I saw a bright white room with a bright white bed.
Very plain, I thought.
“And I’m right across the hall and Raven is your neighbor, next to Raven is Starfire and across from Starfire is Beast Boy and next to Starfire is Cyborg, okay?” Robin asked for confirmation, I nodded in understanding and he moved forward, “And you have a bathroom in your room and here is the living room, then you have the kitchen, all good?”
“Very clear, understood everything sir,” I said yelping sir.
Robin giggled nervously, “Just call me Robin.”
Ahhhh, I thought, “Yes sir-I mean Robin!”
“If you need anything just knock on my door,” Robin said.
I nodded not wanting to mess up my words again.
“Whose turn is it to make dinner?” Cyborg asked.
“I think its Raven’s turn,” Beast Boy said.
Robin and I went to the kitchen where we heard the conversation.
‘No I cooked it last night remember, the chicken nuggets, and Beast Boy got a salad,” Raven said.
“Well then it’s Starfire’s turn,” Beast Boy said.
“Oh YAY-”
“No she always somehow makes the food explode!” Cyborg said.
“Guys I’ll do it,” Robin said.
“No dude you can’t cook for your life!” Beast Boy said.
“Then that just leaves me and you Beast Boy,” Cyborg said.
They started a staring contest then simultaneously they started a rock-papers-scissors-shoot tournament.
“I’ll cook, I can make amazing spaghetti sauce and I know an awesome recipe for banana bread if you want desert,” I said.
Then the room went silent, but Robin broke it, “I guess you could try, you’re probably better than all of us.”
I walked to the stove as they all left the kitchen.
-Makes Dinner-
I served it to them steaming hot, it smelled so delicious, “GUYS THE SPAGHETTI IS DONE!” I yell after placing five bowls on the table.
When they bit into it they moaned out of deliciousness.
“Oh-my-god! It’s like a fiesta in my mouth!” Cyborg said.
“Yeah you should cook for us every night!” Beast Boy said.
“We can’t ask her to do that-”
“Robin I don’t mind, it’s the least I could do, plus I love cooking,” I said.
“Okay,” Robin said.
Everyone cheered, Robin walked over to me, “If you ever need a ride or something to the store, I could bring you.”
“Wow thank you that’s so nice,” I said but then I noticed in the corner of my eye that Starfire was giving me an evil glare but once I turned my head she looked down at her bowl of spaghetti in hatred.
“Okay, that’d be great!” I said.
Then I put the banana bread into the oven and while I waited I sat down soon everyone left after a while, the only people left in the kitchen was Raven and I.
“So, what’s up with Starfire?” I asked Raven.
“What do you mean?” Raven asked curious, which is the only emotion she showed all day.
“I mean whenever I talk to Robin she gives me this evil look,” I said.
“Oh that,” Raven said.
“What do you mean ‘oh that’?” I asked.
“Well after what’s happened they decided finally to give their relationship a try. They were inseparable for at least a year, and then Robin needed a job because we were running low on cash. And that’s when she started becoming controlling and possessive, clingy and enormously bossy. Robin didn’t like that so another year goes by and after 6 month after their three year anniversary Robin finally ended it,” Raven said.
“Wow,” which is all I could say.
“Yeah pretty intense,” Raven said then she continued with her book.
While an hour was going by all I could think about was Starfire and Robin, Why do I even care? My daydreaming was interrupted by the timer for the banana bread going off.
I took the bread out and flipped it so it wasn’t in the pan anymore.
“Mmm, smells good,” Raven states still looking at her book.
“I don’t know where the honey is, Cyborg might know where it is,” I said.
“Yeah, but how did you know that Cyborg would know?” Raven asked suspicious and confused.
“I don’t know…I just-” I looked into a cabinet and looked behind some flour and found it, “Knew.”
“Nobody ever knows where it is,” Raven said shocked and baffled.
I accidently dropped it and instead of bending over Raven used her telekinesis to pick it up for me.
“Thanks, you know for some reason I’m used to all your powers and stuff,” I said drizzling the honey on the banana bread.
“Really?” Raven asked.
“Yeah, it feels like I lived with it my whole life,” I said.
Raven stood up and approached me, she then touched my shoulder and she gasped and fell over a little bit.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“N-nothing, um I’m going to my room,” Raven said rushing to her room as quickly as possible.
“But the banana bread is done!” I yelled after her.

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