The Horses of Ara (new chapter)

The Horses of Ara (new chapter)

Chapter 1

by: Luxray100
As I look back into my memories, there is one that stands out. My parents say that it never happened, but I'm positive that it did. When I was five years old we went camping in the mountains and I wandered off. I had been too curious for my own good and got myself lost.

I wandered for through the woods for hours trying to find my way back but to no avail. Eventually night fell and I was still alone. The night air felt like ice. I was freezing and things only got worse. I heard noises that had no known origin. And I could see eyes, watching me. And my worst fears were realised when one pair of eyes came after me.

I was exausted and the cougar was a large, dangerous cat. I thought I was done for but something happened. A bright light started to shine and the cougar ran away in fear. I looked in the shining light to see a beautiful copper colored mustang.

The light that shined off of it was warm and soothing. It got down as if it were telling me to climb on its back; and I did. Its fur was warm and soft, I quickly fell asleep as it walked along.

When I woke up I was in a place I recognised. A small clearing just over a hundred yards from the camp site. I ran back to camp and was greated by my parents. They were mad at me but they were glad that I was safe. I told them about the shining horse that had brought me back but they didn't believe me. They thought I had just dreamed about it. But I know it was real. And I hoped I would see the horse again one day, and eventually, I would.

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