Winter Quell, formerly James Alden, has the power to change your perception, the way you think about something, just by contacting you. It doesn't even have to be in person, he can use his power in person, over the phone, through text, on a note, using graffiti, etc.

Chapter 1

The Manifesto of Winter Quell

Quell surveyed the situation, noting the way that the man on the far left kept looking to the woman in the back. She might be in charge, the one to go after if he wanted to make a lasting change. “It’s really not cool to tie me up like this, you know. The right thing to do might be to untie me, you never know,” he said, adding a small push to his words. Not enough to confuse them or to make them think anything of it, but enough to add a basis to his future actions. After all, he didn’t want to be released just yet; he might learn something useful.
“Nah, I think you’re good,” the woman in the back said. Quell smiled to himself, he’d been right (as usual). “We’ve heard a lot about you, Quell. Or could I call you James?” The one restrained flinched at the sound of his old name, wishing people would stop fracking using it. He wasn’t powerless, average, pathetic James anymore, hadn’t been for years. He was something better, faster, stronger. He was Quell, the one to end it all, to quell the corruption and evil that plagued the world. Why couldn’t these people see it?
“It wouldn’t be a good idea,” Quell said, adding a psychic push to his words, as strong as he could layer his power as thick as he could onto the six words. A blast this strong would create an ideological wall in their brains so thick they might never penetrate it. He might not even be able to undo it. Quell would be Quell, to call him by any other name would simply not be possible.
“Um, yes, okay, Quell. What was I, um, talking about? Um…” the woman’s composure had been shattered by the psychic blast. The self-described siren sighed, attempting to flip his black hair out of his face by throwing his head backwards and to the side in a most undignified fashion. “Oh, yeah. The thing. We, um, know everything,”
“Tell me, I’m fascinated,” Quell said, adding no power this time. He didn’t w ant to rattle this woman any further. She might cut the crap and tell him something he didn’t know they knew.
“’The Manifesto of Winter Quell: To fix the broken, to strengthen the whole, to destroy that which cannot be fixed.’ We don’t think the system needs your repair. Who is to say that your control is better than the propaganda?” She said, slipping back into rehearsed and prepared speech.
“Me, because it is.” Quell added the power into his voice but not his words, instead channeling ‘let me go’ in huge levels. They hadn’t quoted the rest of his text:
Manifesto of Winter Quell:
To fix the broken, to strengthen the whole, to destroy that which cannot be fixed.
1.) To oppose any who stand in the way of progress
2.) To expose and destroy corruption and conspiracy in all aspects of life
3.) To bring upon the end of government in its current form
4.) To improve the quality of airport food and beverage

Point Four is just important as the rest, yet somehow people don’t get that.

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