Stereotypes and Assumptions

You know those assumptions you make about people? Guess what: most of them aren't true.

Chapter 1

Just To Name a Few...

by: Eunoia
"Rich people are snobs."

"Black people are thugs."

"Asian people are smart."

"Popular people are mean and stupid."

"Overweight people eat whenever they can."

"Skinny people are anorexic."

"Girls wear makeup to please boys."

"Christians force their religions on others."

"Blondes are dumb."

"Girly people are weak."

These are only a few of the assumptions we make about other people. I've seen a bunch of these used in stories/books I read or the movies that I see, and it just annoys me so much. I hate that the media usually portrays certain people in certain ways that have screwed our minds into thinking such stereotypes are true.


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