The Worst Story on Quibblo!

The Worst Story on Quibblo!

Hello and welcome to The Worst Story on Quibblo!

It will feature overused stereotypes, overused plot lines, grammar errors, spelling errors, text language and more horrible story qualities!

Comment if you would like to write a chapter and make sure it is an epic fail! You can write about things you don't know anything about!

Even Helper Cat can't help this story!

I do not agree to any of the stereotypes in this story.

Chapter 1

Bran Nuw Howse

"Hunee! get up! Its ur 1st day @ ur bran nuw skool in dis bran nuw town in dis bran nuw cuntery!" me fosta carer yells up da stares @ me.

I grumbul. I get owt of bed. i wark acros me nuw room. I wark in2 me nuw bafroom. I showa & bruush me teeth. I get chayngd in2 blak sckiny jeens, a red t-shurt and CONVERSES.

I put on a litle bit of MAKEUP, only sum mascarrrer, lipstik, blusha, ishado, ilina, fowndayshun & ipensill.

I fall down da stares in ower nuw howse, wee jusst muved hear from france, but i dont speek frensh.

I pik up me lowded backpak & head 2 da kichen 2 c me fosta carers eatin tost.

"Wat is ur naym agayn?" me fosta dad askED, slapin me acros da face. I di'dnnt flinsh, he alwayys dus this.

"Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 @ smith." i towld dem, me name is Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 @ smith, butt its pronowncet alba ata smithessss.

every1 cals me ata.

"Ur mutha must of bean drunk wen sheeee naymet u." me foster mom snaped cruwellee.

"Butt foster mom, sheee was alwais drunk." me protest against deir coments. Me mom was alwais drunk & me mom and dad dyed because of her drunk dryvin. dey dyed in a car crash.

"GET 2 SKOOL!" me foster dad yelledd @ me & i ran thru da frontt door & owt onto da street.

Their was a jolly fatt man, an Asian man wurkin in an corner shop, a gothh girl cuttin, a geeky boy readin & a old ladie drivin baddly.

I hayte my nuw neybourhood.

I dont want 2g2 a nuw skool, i lyked me old 1 and me old freinds.

I hayte me lyfe, it is da wurst lyfe eva.

A/N: That was torture, if you want to write a chapter, just comment and I'll send you the link. By the way, I don't want to be conceited or anything, but can you guys advertise this a bit because I think it would be cool if the people who write like this can see it.

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