Reality is a Dream

Chapter 1


Everyone has a Demon to fight and an Angel to hold. But what we don't know is that we are all possessed by some mighty unforgiving past. Life does go on and love does too, but will we be forever together trapped and in security in a dungeon somewhere unknown?
Made of nothing but pure wickedness, are those mysteriously eyed creatures of the night. With the like's of doing nothing but sucking the life out of mere mortals. We have no defense against them but we can fight, fight with hope of winning. But in the end we all lose to our own hatred of these immortal beings. But all I can hope for is within the time of finding my Angel, we are all promised to find that certain thing that will keep us safe, from The Demons that lurk for our blood.
Wincing at the pain in my shoulder i find an arrow deep cutting into my muscle. I cannot believe that these demons actually tried something like this as to attack us. We are empty handed but they do not care...Jumping to my feet I stand tall and do not shudder at the mere sight of Demons. " I have had enough"! I proclaim in a booming voice, and everything stops. The air feels thick and everyone of those things are staring at me in disbelief. Only I can do this, no one else has the courage so I will.
"Oh, looky' here boys we got us a treat", "from the looks of ya' your from a wealthy lookin' family buddy boy." "I do not care about that, just stop this madness" , "Quit attacking Cloria, My City, My home." "Hmm, I'm afraid that, that is not going to be possible", He said this with a Wretched smirk on his face. "I wish for all of you miserable beings to burn in The Depths of Hell!! " I screamed at them with all of the words I could protrude from my mouth until a hand covered my mouth, and was that hand cold. I shuddered with the feel of it on my skin. My body froze and I looked up to see the being holding my mouth closed.
Those glowing eyes gave no remark of letting go of me. I struggle but I do not accomplish a thing. When those handsome eyes looked down on me my heart stopped. It was like my whole world froze and then shaddered in the blink of an eye. "Let me go" I scream through the palm of his hand. Oh, how beautiful his face was, and the touch of his skin against mine made me miserable. But how does such a beautiful man look so..dark?
"Shaddup kid, or your gonna get hurt", he says to me. My eyes grew wide as my arms thrashed against his side, but still he did not budge. Finally I found a way to make him let go of me, I bit his hand and he let go immediately and I ran, ran for as long as I could. Until I heard loud footsteps behind mine. He was running and shouting at me but I did not listen and I just ran faster and faster until I lost sight of him. My heart was thudding against my chest in an attempt to get out.
As soon as He found me I found him fading and that radiant glow around him was gone.

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