50 Qestion Repost!!!


Chapter 1

I <3 Draco Malfoy!!!

by: SootyOwl
Section 1-Favorites:
1. Food? Steak
2. Drink? Water
3. Colors? BLUE
4. Word? "Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!" And rubbish
5. Thing to do? Read, write, act, dance, sing, horseback ride, archery practice

Section 2-About You:
6. Your name? Erin (Raven)
7. Hair color? Golden-Brown with some naturally red, blonde, and copper highlights :)
8. Eye Color? Brown from far away, hazel up close
9. Age? 13
10. Height? 4'11
11. Weight? 83
12. How many friends do you have (close)? 5
13. What 3 words describes you best? Witty, Persuasive, Funny
14. Whats your style? Hogwarts style
15. Tan? I have a beautiful natural tan

Section 3- Room:
16. Theme? safari
17. Time spent in room? Only when I sleep
18. Wall color(s)? blue, white, gold, tan, brown
19. Carpet or wood floor? Carpet :( I wish I had wood
20. Do you like your room? It's okay

Section 4- Recent Stuff:
21. Last book you read? The book thief
22. Last movie you watched? Bad Grandpa
23. Last drink? Chocolate milk
24. Last food? Taco
25. Last action? ummmm... typed??

Section 5- Fashion
26. I wear during Winter: sweatpants and harry potter t-shirt
27. I wear during Summer: harry potter leggings, harry potter t-shirt
28. I wear: harry potter shirts and harry potter leggings
29. I wear for earrings: Hermiones yule ball earrings from harry potter
30. I wear: Harry potter deathly hallows necklace, or Hermione's deathly hallows necklace

Section 6- Hobbies:
31. Do you participate in any sports? yes
32. Do you read? YES!!
33. Do you watch TV? not really, unless its watching harry potter
34. Do you go on the computer/laptop? yeah
35. Do you sing? yes
36. Do you dance? YES
37. Do you act? YES
38. Do you scrapbook? no
39. Any other hobbiees? horseback riding, archery, dog agility

Section 7- Family:
40. Are your parents married? yes
41. How many siblings do you have? 1 brother
42. Are the the oldest, youngest, or middle child? youngest
43. Do you like your family? YES!! we are all obsessed with harry potter
44. Do you have any pets? Yes, 2 horses, 3 raccoons, 3 cats, 4 dogs, 1 guinea pig, 2 cockatiels, 1 macaw, 1 beta fish, and 7 random fish
45. How many aunts/uncles do you have? 8

Section 8- Other (put five things that weren't mentioned in this that you would like others to know.)
47: I am obsessed with reading
48: I have memorized every single harry potter sorting hat peom, and I have memorized the the first page of Harry Potter and the philosophers stone!
49: I have a natural british accent even though I am a born and raised texan
50: I am taken by Tom Felton!!


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