50 questions repost


Chapter 1

50 Question repooost

by: Santipan
Section 1-Favorites:
1. Food? Veggie stir fry
2. Drink? Mango smoothie
3. Colours? Purple, green, blue, red, black
4. Word? Mockingjay
5. Thing to do? Draw, extreme sports, sing, song write and play instruments

Section 2-About You:
6. Your name? JungMin
7. Hair colour? Black
8. Eye Colour? They change colour mate
9. Age? ;) 17
10. Height? 6"1
11. Weight? I dunnoz
12. How many friends do you have (close)? I dunno
13. What 3 words describes you best? protective, weird and imaginative
14. Whats your style? I dunno I wear loads of different stuff from leather jackets to t shirts and joggers basically anything I like
15. Skin? Asiony

Section 3- Room:
16. Theme? I dunno really
17. Time spent in room? 12 hours basically the sleeping time
18. Wall color(s)? smoky purple
19. Carpet or wood floor? desert colour carpet
20. Do you like your room? Yeah its got some real comfy chairs

Section 4- Recent Stuff:
21. Last book you read? The hunger games Mockingjay again
22. Last movie you watched? Bridge to Terabithia or The cabin in the woods
23. Last drink? Yorkshire tea
24. Last food? haagen dazs strawberry cheesecake ice cream
25. Last action? typing

Section 5- Fashion
26. I wear during Winter: jumpers, jeans or cargos, combat boots or converse
27. I wear during Summer: T shirts, beanies, skinny jeans or shorts, converse or toms
28. I wear: at the moment shorts, vest, beanie and toms even though its cold
29. I wear for earrings: nothing
30. I wear: My favourite zip up hoodie colour red yaay

Section 6- Hobbies:
31. Do you participate in any sports? Yah
32. Do you read? YES
33. Do you watch TV? Yup
34. Do you go on the computer/laptop? I'm on it know idiot.
35. Do you sing? yahp
36. Do you dance? Yepee
37. Do you act? Sometimes
38. Do you scrapbook? not often
39. Any other hobbiees? Reading, writing, drawing, ascii, singing, song writing, sports, playing instruments, watching movies etc.

Section 7- Family:
40. Are your parents married? My mom is widowed
41. How many siblings do you have? 3
42. Are the the oldest, youngest, or middle child? middleish
43. Do you like your family? Yepee
44. Do you have any pets? one cat, two dogs
45. How many aunts/uncles do you have? erm, 3 aunties and 3 uncles

Section 8- Other (put five things that weren't mentioned in this that you would like others to know.)
46: I'm hard to get to know at first
47: I probably seem insane to normal people
48: I have a motto: Normal people are weird and weird people are normal
49: I'm weird if you haven't already noticed
50: I've already done this repost XD


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