Taken Hostage

Taken Hostage

Lydia's had a bad year and she was hoping a party would brighten her up. But this time of fun and happiness soon turns into a nightmare when a demon from her past arrives and takes her friends hostage.

Can Lydia fight back against this violent sociopath and save her friends before it's too late?

Chapter 1

A Fateful Night

It was a late summer night when 16-year-old Lydia Peterson and her boyfriend, Brad Garson, were returning home from a movie. It was a warm night and Lydia hated that the date was over. It was her first date with Brad and it was like something out of a storybook.

"Well, I guess I'll talk to you tomorrow." Brad said, holding Lydia's hand, as if he didn't want her to leave the car. "Bye, Brad." Lydia said. Then, she gave Brad a quick kiss on the cheek and headed toward the house.

Lydia stepped into the entrance hall-and froze. There were large, muddy footprints on the white carpet that lead to the living room. Slowly, Lydia followed the trail of prints and went into the living room. The scene made Lydia shriek in horror. Mr. and Mrs. Peterson were lying on the floor. Blood stained the carpet.

Suddenly, Lydia was grabbed from behind. "See what you did, b***h!" A terrifyingly familiar voice snarled into Lydia's ear. It was Lydia's ex-boyfriend, Rob McCown. Lydia dated him for three months and it was a nightmare. She discovered that Rob was obsessive, jealous, and incredibly violent. She remembered on time that Rob caught her talking with another guy in school. He dragged her into the girl's bathroom and beat her so bad, she had to be sent home early.

As the days past, Rob's behavior became more and more aggressive. He would just start beating her for no reason at all. Finally, after Rob beat her so bad that she had to go to the hospital, Lydia's parents got a restraining order against him and started homeschooling Lydia so she wouldn't have to go to school with him. Lydia hoped that Rob would leave her alone, but she was wrong. Dead wrong...

Rob threw Lydia to the ground, hitting her head on a small table. "Rob, please stop!" Lydia screamed. But she knew it was no use. Rob grabbed her and punched her in the face. "You don't deserve to be with anyone else, you tramp!" Rob screamed as he pull out the gun he used to kill Lydia's parents.

But all of a sudden, Brad grabbed Rob and threw him to the ground, sending the gun flying out of his hand. Brad tried to grab the gun, but Rob grabbed it first and shot Brad square in the chest. "NO!" Lydia screamed as Brad fell to the floor, dead. Slowly, Rob got up and started toward Lydia. But then, Lydia heard police sirens outside.

Quickly, Rob grabbed Lydia by her hair and snarled, "I won't let you get away. You belong to me now." Then, he fled out the back door. Scared senseless, Lydia crawled over to Brad's body and started to cry. The police tried to catch Rob, but it was too late. He'd gotten away.

As Lydia went outside to a police car to be taken to the station for questioning, she thought about Rob. "He'll never leave me alone. I'll never be safe again." She thought grimly, remembering the look on Rob's face.

It was a face of pure rage.

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