Taken Hostage

Taken Hostage

Lydia's had a bad year and she was hoping a party would brighten her up. But this time of fun and happiness soon turns into a nightmare when a demon from her past arrives and takes her friends hostage.

Can Lydia fight back against this violent sociopath and save her friends before it's too late?

Chapter 17


After that night of fear and torment, everybody took a while to make it through the trauma. Here's how everyone turned out:

>Hanna was in the hospital for three weeks before she could go home. She, like most of her friends, had to attend therapy after her experience.

>Zoey's injury healed quickly, but the hostage situation had the worst effect on her. She is still currently in therapy.

>Scott attended therapy, but recovered the fastest among the group.

>As for Lydia and Terry, they began dating and acted as each other's rock through their healing process. They are still dating.

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