Taken Hostage

Taken Hostage

Lydia's had a bad year and she was hoping a party would brighten her up. But this time of fun and happiness soon turns into a nightmare when a demon from her past arrives and takes her friends hostage.

Can Lydia fight back against this violent sociopath and save her friends before it's too late?

Chapter 3

The Party Starts

It was about 8:30 when Hanna showed up with the party guests. Lydia was very pleased that all of her old friends had agreed to come. There was Lydia and Hanna's friend, Zoey Martin, Hanna's boyfriend, Scott Turner, and Scott's twin brother, Terry. And everyone seemed happy to see Lydia enjoying herself.

As everyone went to the living room, Terry stopped Lydia and put his hand behind her head. "I'm glad you're happy again, Lydia. I missed this side of you." Terry said, running his fingers through Lydia's brunette hair. Lydia started to feel short of breath as she stared into Terry's blue eyes.

When Lydia first met Terry at Scott's pool party in 9th grade, she immediately fell in love. She found herself very attracted to Terry's muscular physique and long, blonde hair. But she'd always convinced herself that she couldn't be with Terry, as he was her friend's brother. So she hid her feelings and convinced herself she was in love with Terry's body, not Terry.

But as they spend more time together, she realized she also loved him for his personality and intellect. But still, she continued to act like she saw him as nothing but a close friend. Now that she was standing before him, feeling his hand on her, she felt like proclaiming her love to him for everyone to hear.

"Hey! Come on, guys! We're waiting!" Hanna yelled from the living room. Lydia and Terry joined their friends in the living room. They then spent a few hours playing games on the Wii and playing old board games that Lydia got from the basement. Once they got tired of the board games, Lydia suggested that they spent the rest of the night watching the old horror movies that Lydia's grandfather collected.

But as Lydia walked down the hallway, she felt a strange feeling of dread. Then, she remembered Rob. The ugly words he'd shout at her while he was beating her. Having to wear sweaters every day to cover the bruises. The sleepless nights spent worrying that Rob would kill her...

"Lydia, stop it. Rob's gone and he's never coming back here. He'll never hurt you again. Just calm down and enjoy the rest of the night." Lydia told herself, staring at herself in the hallway mirror. Lydia stared into her green eyes and remembered happy times before she knew people like Rob existed. When she lived an innocent, loving life. Before it was shattered like glass.

Suddenly, Lydia heard the sound of wood breaking, followed by the panicked screams of her friends. "Shut up and get down on the floor!" A voice shouted. Lydia froze in absolute terror. She recognized the voice.

It was Rob.

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