Exercise and Diet (tips, tricks and fun ideas)

Chapter 1

Make a Workout Jar

SUPER fun idea!
So, here's the deal: You get a jar (I personally like IKEA's Burken jars), and you tie a little label around it with a ribbon. Make it appealing to you, in colours you like. I went for something more sophisticated (black, white and grey, see here: http://www.quibblo.com/user/Glad_to_be_Girls/photoalbum/2390352?page=1&per_page=9).

On the label, write down something that will help you remember what the jar is for.

What ''is'' the jar for, you ask? For every 5 minutes you spend working out, put a dollar in the jar. Then set yourself a goal (and you have to be very disciplined about this) to only spend money that you get out of the jar. So whenever you get allowance or babysitting money or any kind of money at all, put it in a separate jar. Then, each time you work out, take a dollar from that jar and put it in your workout jar. At the end of a month, if there's still money that isn't in the workout jar, put it in ANOTHER jar (a lot of jars, I know), in which you will keep the money for a really really HUGE goal that's a little farther away. Like, it could be a college savings jar, or saving for a car or even a house! Whatever. And THAT jar will be your DREAM BANK--money only to be used to make BIG dreams come true!

It's a win-win situation! You'll get fitter, and you'll be saving up and spending less money on things you could probably do without. Isn't that great?

I'm probably gonna make a DIY thingy soon, and add this onto the DIY story as well.

If anyone wants to know where I got my label (there's a lot of really pretty ones in black and white), just ask me and I'll ask the person who gave them to me :)

Have fun exercising!


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