Fangirl Problems

I decided to make something sort of like a Rant-Book, but Fangirl Problems. I'm sure many of you can relate. I will also put funny stories of my life as a fangirl. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Story #1

This story is starring my father and I, driving to soccer practice.

Me: fangirling over something, can't remember what
Me: angry about some new event in the fandom
Me: ranting to my dad
Me: -the rest of the fandom-
Dad: Wait, what is a fandom?
Me: Well, it's like a group of fangirls/boys who love a book or a TV show or movie and they obsess over it. It's kinda hard to explain. . .
Dad: What do you guys do?
Me: chuckling somewhat at the fact that I'm having this conversation Well, we do a lot of things. We obsess, make fanart, write fanfiction, ship things a lot-
Dad: Shipping?
Me: Yeah, that's when-
Dad: Is it dangerous?
Me: Barely able to breathe, I'm laughing so hard.
Dad: (my name here), I'm worried about your safety!
Me: explains it all after I get ahold of myself
Dad: Oh.

I love you Dad! Have any of your own parent-fandom experiences? Comment them! I love to hear that stuff!

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