Fangirl Problems

I decided to make something sort of like a Rant-Book, but Fangirl Problems. I'm sure many of you can relate. I will also put funny stories of my life as a fangirl. Enjoy!

Chapter 7

Problem #7 with PUN

Have you seen the Maze Runner trailer? It's out today.

Problem: I hate it when the movie changes to book for the media. I know there will be differences and cuts, but when they change the entire design or setting of the story so it looks cooler or whatever, it really bugs me. The story will change, but this removes the.. integrity? I mean, with Hunger Games, trying to make it less gory for the younger audience, that makes sense. But making the Maze completely different to make it seem more epic, that is stupid. Adding special technology to seem more futuristic? No. They were supposed to be half-primative almost.

This rant brought to you by the Maze Runner Trailer.


Thank you! Now, regarding the picture up there. That is the perfect sweatshirt I ordered. I absolutely love it, and wear it even in the sweltering heat. Now! To lighten up the rant. In case you can't read the sweatshirt, it says I like books more than people.

at a café with my mom
Mom: Why do you like books more than people? (she worries about me being antisocial)
Me: Hm... lightbulb Because they're easier to read. ba dum tss

I love cheesy puns.

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