The Three Doctors ~ Doctor Who Group Story

The Three Doctors ~ Doctor Who Group Story

The Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors come together, each with one companion to keep them in line. :D

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Chapter 1



Name: Spire Draconis
Appearance: Black wavy hair down to mid back, icy blue eyes, pale
Personality: Sweet, stubborn, mischievous, smart, sarcastic
Which Companion Will S/he Represent: Clara, yet again
How Did S/he Meet The Doctor: She was attacked by Daleks and the Doctor came to save her... however she didn't quite need it as she was bashing in Dalek heads with a frying pan.
Weapon of Choice: The Doctor gave her a sonic pen light, which she uses a lot.
Friends: The Doctor, other characters
Love Interest: Maybe.
Human or Alien: Alien. They find out she's Gallifreyian after the first few chapters, because she dies and regenerates.


Name: Maria Maxwell Keir
Appearance: Wild curly red hair, brilliant green eyes, short, freckles
Personality: Weird, isolated, awkward, bookworm, ADHD. Oh, and she loves anime.
Which Companion Will She Represent: Amy Pond
How Did She Meet The Doctor: The TARDIS crashed into her wall of books. When she saw that some had been wrecked, she slapped him.
Weapon of Choice: Uh.. well, she just throws stuff.
Friends: Nope. What's a friend?
Love Interest: Maybe..
Human or Alien: Human


Name: Cassidy Armstrong (Cass)
Appearance: wavy shoulder length black hair with red tints, green eyes, shortish, stocky not fat,
Personality: sassy, witty, loud, caring, brave, cheeky
Which Companion Will S/he Represent: Donna Noble
How Did S/he Meet The Doctor: the TARDIS landed half way through the top floor of her house.
Weapon of Choice: INSULTS!
Friends: other characters
Love Interest: Not Interested in love
Human or Alien: Human

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