The Three Doctors ~ Doctor Who Group Story

The Three Doctors ~ Doctor Who Group Story

The Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors come together, each with one companion to keep them in line. :D

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Chapter 3

The Dragon Of The TARDIS

(A/N: Spire is the Eleventh Doctor's companion.)

Spire Draconis was in a very sticky situation. She was in her kitchen, wandering around and daydreaming, when four giant salt shakers with toilet plungers came and pushed her against the wall.

"What are you DOING?!" Spire yelled, grabbing the nearest object off the counter and hoping it was a knife.

"You are an enemy of the Daleks! You must be destroyed!" the salt shakers beeped in unison.

"Daleks, are you? Get a load of this!" Spire brought the random kitchen object down on its head with a satisfying clang.

Unfortunately, more havoc seemed to have reached Spire, as a blue police box began materialising that very moment.

A floppy-haired, bowtie-wearing person poked his head out, pulled Spire in the box, and began taking her away from her salt shaker infested kitchen. He took her away on many journeys, many places. But Spire only went with him on one condition. One promise he had to make, and so far, he had kept it.

"If you take me away, you have to promise that you will never bring me back." Spire had said.

He'd questioned her about this for a while, but after it became clear that she wasn't disclosing anything, he'd given up and promised.

Now, you would have thought that normally, a girl would have flipped out after experiencing all that in five minutes. But Spire Draconis was not a normal girl. Not normal at all, in fact... and the Doctor was barely scratching the surface in terms of finding her out.

The Doctor pushed Spire back into the TARDIS protectively and surveyed the other two men, the other TARDIS, and the two girls defiantly. "Not possible."

One of the men, with a leather jacket and blue eyes, surveyed the Doctor and the other guy. "You're my future, aren't you?"

"You're my past." The man with the long trench coat replied.

"You're both my past." breathed the Doctor.

"What is going on, Doctor?!" Spire yelled.

All three men turned to her and began talking at the same time. The Eleventh Doctor, her Doctor, began spouting some nonsense about "I'll explain to you later." and waving his hands about. The Tenth Doctor with the trench coat began to tell a very short, one-sentence summary of the situation, which Spire did not get, not at all. The Ninth Doctor with the leather jacket merely looked horrified, possibly at the Eleventh Doctor's bowtie, because he was surveying his future self's outfit with dread.

"Okay, shut up, all of you! I'm going to ask one of these girls-" she gestured to the two girls watching openmouthed- "what is going on instead. They seem more civilised than you."

Before the Doctors could realise how mortally offended they were, Spire slipped out from the Eleventh Doctor's restraining hand and skidded to a halt in front of the girls.

"I'm Spire Draconis." Spire held out her hand. The red-haired girl shook it.

"Maria Maxwell Keir. You can call me Max."

The black and red haired girl tipped her head. "Cassidy Armstrong. You can call me Cass."

"So, have you any idea what is going on?"

This was the beginning of one hell of an adventure.

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