my britney spears vegas concert experience

my britney spears vegas concert experience

you dont have to read this but if u want, its cool

Chapter 1

how it went

it was FREAKIN AWESOME! Me and my sis actually got CLOSER SEATS than we thought, so we were near the main floor but still on high seats.

Of course i was fangirling since she's been my idol for years and cause this is was my first britney concert EVER!

the intro was hecka cool cause they showed clips of some of her old vids with each letter of her name and then she came out in a silver see through ball wearing a nude color glittery outfit like from 2000 VMAS and she had brown hair!

she looked just as beautiful as she always does in magazines and tv but for some reason, i thought she was taller but she was actually kinda short.

Anyways she danced REALLY GREAT almost like the old days and every performance was spectacular and creative like when she performed "everytime", she had a white angelic costume with huge angel wings and she was floating while singing.

One of the funniest parts of the show was when she invited a guy from the audience and she put him in s&m stuff and made him crawl on all 4 ON STAGE LIKE A DOG! LOL!

Some of the performance were too freaky deaky for me like the im a slave performance but then again its a sexy song.

She also remixed "boys" with the sound of scream and shout and let me tell you, it sounded GOOD!

my favorite performances were work bich, everytime, baby one more time, oops, perfume, alien, lucky, me against the music, you drive me crazy, stronger and till the world ends.

So yeah i am SO HAPPY that i finally saw my fave singer in concert live and also this is the first concert i've been to in 3 years but it was worth the wait!

If you want to see my pictures from the concert, go to my photo album and go on pages 8-10.


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