Derp (a true story)


Chapter 1

I'm so stupid sometimes XD

So today during school I lost my notebook (this really thick 'five star' notebook with all my notes from my classes) and I was like :O because
1.) i wrote really stupid things in there which will ruin my reputation (its already ruined, i just don't want to ruin it even more).
2.) i lost all my notes (even though i never study but still)
and i started looking all over my classes for it but i couldn't find it and i felt really stupid.

When i got back home, i just sat down on my desk which is really disorganized with notebooks and pencils and markers and etc. I got a pencil and a notebook that was already opened to a blank page and started drawing because I draw when i'm depressed or stressed or just need to calm down for a bit (which usually leads to more stress because of my horrible drawing skills). After I was done i ripped off the paper and tossed it in the trash cause it was terrible which made me pissed so i clapped the book closed... and realized it was the notebook i'd been looking for...

dang i'm stupid xD


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