View of the Killer (new chapter)

Chapter 3

The View of the Victim~~Megan~~

I look around for her, she's gone crazy, her eyes make her look like some sort of rabid dog.

I can hear my footsteps echo, I sense her behind me and start to pick up my pace.

Why? Why did she have to murder my best friends? I knew we shouldn't have picked on could I have been so stupid?!?

I felt warm tears rolling down my face.

My knees buckled and I fell and I was on my knees in a ball.


Then I heard singing echoing in the halls.

" la"

I also heard her getting faint as it was.


I heard in my ear behind me, and I felt a sharp point at my back.


I got up and started to run away, but my legs collapse beneath me, and I fall.

I heard laughing behind me, my blood boiled and I turned to see her long, brown hair covering her face, blood all over her clothes...I wanted to scream my rage.


I widened my eyes a little, and started remembering the last time I had said that.


She was there crying.

We could hear her sobs.

"Oh look, we've gotta baby at the school...where's your mommy huh?"

That was my best friend, Sam.

"I bet she's up with the birds."

That was my other friend Rachel.

"Yeah...or maybe down deeper than where the worms are."

That was my other friend, Kaylee.

"Come on guys, she's just a little loner psycho-path."

After I said that my friends laughed, and she looked at me with cold eyes full of hate.


I know what I did was wrong...why...why has it come to this?!?

I can hear her getting closer and closer now, her singing still echoing the halls.

" la la la..."


I get up to run, but I felt a tug on the collar of my shirt and pulled into a hard, bony figure.


She had whispered in my ear.

I wanted to scream, but nothing came out, then I felt an intense pain in my heart area.

N-no...S-Sarah...she...needs me...a-am I...i-is this...death?

I tried to gasp to scream, but blood was blocking my throat, and I started to choke.

I couldn't move, my muscles were aching, everything in me was shutting down inside.

I seen her standing over me, with an accomplished look, then she left, all I could see was the flickering of the fluorescent lights above me. turned dark.

The deepest shade of black, and I felt nothing anymore...I took my last breath and I had whispered to myself.


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