Chapter 1

Dark but elegant

by: Jazima
We must not look at goblin men
we must not buy their fruits
for who knows upon what soil they fed,
their hungry thirsty roots?

Love is a myth, accept it.

Black and White like a Mask
It's such a task
To keep the mask
From Falling off

Born of Shadow
Forged from Mist
What kind of life is this?
One of darkness
Cold and Hard
And never far from harm

An Apparition
Always shifting
In the corner of your eye
Do you see me?
There am I,
Observing from afar

The Mirror tells me I am
losing my identity
What makes me me,
I can no longer see

Death never comes
To those who wish it,
But snuffs out those
Who want to live

As petals fall from a rose,
so do bits of my soul

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