Black Ring

The second season of Zess & Tobi the Gray Color. It starts with new characters that somehow relate to the ones in the past. Will time save those who have no feelings?
-Ian Lin Baai Lo -Oscar Gilbert -Allen Osgood (Albert's twin) -Albert Osgood (Allen's twin) -Lin Baai Lo (ian's father) -Rillia Boeing (ian's mother)

Chapter 1

The story of Ian With an "i"

by: kaito17
His mom is German and father is Chinese. As a child he lived with his father as a Chinese mafia son, he never knew his mom much, but as soon as he reached the age of seven, the mafia group started to struggle and loos its power. Being targeted by someone with greater power little to experience the death of his father beneath his eyes, calling out to his father "Dad" with no respond, moving him with no reaction, holding him with a body as cold as ice, that shock gave him a great deal of pain that would haunt him. Tho his father had such a terrible personality that was unlovable, but that never stopped little Ian from looking up to as a father, to the kid he was his only hero. Ian is more than just a simple human kid, he had a terrible secret hidden in him that only his mother knew. Yes his father is a human and yes his mother is pure demon that good at hiding that fact, so it won't be surprising that Ian would some trouble with his powers that he did know about. After the sudden death of his father he lost all control of his mind, with a dull expression surrounded by darkness and hatred, there was no one left holding his father's body in his fearful demon appearance. As soon as he calmed down he returned back to his human appearance and fainted. His uncle arrived, he shocked at the horrible view, he ran over to Ian and his father Lin, soon to realize the death of his brother, he had to do something about the son. Now that Ian had no welcoming home in China his uncle that yearned for the power that Ian's father had, had to find a way that no one but him will have it all, Since he knew where the Ian's mom lived. He planned a sweet visit holding briefcase with Ian and the Lan's head in it, smiling saying Hi and handing it over, The uncle silently walked away and never showed up after. The mother got really confused "Who is he?..What did he want?..What is in this sealed briefcase?" She opened it, realizing that the was her ex's head and that's her kid laying in there together. Ian woke up holding the head spacing out. His mom called out to him "Ian look me little one.. it's me mommy.. let's go bury daddy.. okay.." Ian looked at her with such a cold glare "no. FAther IS AALiVe!! DaD WILL Wake uP". The mother looked at him hopelessly, moved closer to him took the father's head away, grabbed Ian's arm walked to a place and buried the head while Ian was struggling yelling, she just hit him then hugged him tightly not letting go.
Ian never understood the need to bury his father and what is death? One day he went over to his fathers grave and dug it, he noticed all the maggots eating and the terrible smell. "hmmm..that's not is dad, but..why". the mother noticed him and came along "ian. see this is why we bury.. you should bury him back..if he were alive he would not want you to see him like that, right?" Ian understood what she said and listened to her. He started to be himself as time passed by, causing trouble and always had that emotionless freaky smile, that annoyed his mother. She would try her best to put some feeling into him, but that would just make her go crazy and he totally loves that reaction, so there no hope in him changing his behavior any time soon.

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