Chapter 1


by: gaypizza
Section 1-Favorites:
1. Food? probably pizza
2. Drink? water mostly
3. Colors? none omg
4. Word? falloutboy
5. Thing to do? sleep...

Section 2-About You:
6. Your name?cady
7. Hair color?i dont even know anympre tbh
8. Eye Color? green B)
9. Age? 13
10. Height? small
11. Weight?
12. How many friends do you have (close)? like 2
13. What 3 words describes you best? fall out boy
14. Whats your style? punk as hell
15. Tan? if i went outside maybe

Section 3- Room:
16. Theme? none ???
17. Time spent in room? a lot
18. Wall color(s)? green
19. Carpet or wood floor? wood
20. Do you like your room? i guess i mean its just a room

Section 4- Recent Stuff:
21. Last book you read? gray i tgink
22. Last movie you watched? the ring
23. Last drink? milk
24. Last food? peanutbutter chips.
25. Last action? shoveling peanutbutter chips into my mouth

Section 5- Fashion
26. I wear during Winter: blankets
27. I wear during Summer: probably nothing
28. I wear: For shoes:converse tbh
29. I wear: For earrings: i dojnt wear any
30. I wear: For hats: none

Section 6- Hobbies:
31. Do you participate in any sports?swimming & volleyball
32. Do you read? i try to but inbetween sleeping and stressing over everything i dont a lot
33. Do you watch TV? ye
34. Do you go on the computer/laptop? lmao
35. Do you sing? not well
36. Do you dance? Ilmao
37. Do you act? probably
38. Do you scrapbook? no.
39. Any other hobbies? sleeping

Section 7- Family:
40. Are your parents married? yea
41. How many siblings do you have? 1
42. Are the the oldest, youngest, or middle child? oldest.
43. Do you like your family? eh
44. Do you have any pets? yea
45. How many aunts/uncles do you have? i dont know who the hell counts their aunts and uncles

Section 8- Other (put five things that weren't mentioned in this that you would like others to know.)
46: soup
47: soup.
48: soup
49: soup
50: soup


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