Just A Quote I Found

I did not write this, I'm not sure to who did but it's very true. Read it then go back and then read all of the underline words.

Chapter 1

This Is What I Do To Keep Me Going

by: flyhi
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As we grow up,
we learn that even the one person
that wasn't suppose to ever let us down,
probably will.
You'll have your heart broken
and you'll break hearts too.
You'll fight with you best friend,
lose friends you thought were forever,
and you'll cry because
time is passing to fast.
So take too many pictures,
laugh too much and
love like you've never been hurt.
You just have to live life to the fullest,
tell someone what they mean to you,
speak out, dance in the rain,
hold someone's hand,
comfort a friend, and smile
until your face hurts.
Don't be afraid to
take chances or fall in love
and most of all, live in the moment,
because every sixty seconds
you spend upset is a minute of happiness
you'll never get back.


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