Have you guys seen a monster in paris?


Chapter 1

I have! i totally ship francoeur and lucille.

by: Jazima
I've seen the movie, and before any raoul x lucille hate me, allow me to explain my

love for this ship.

One, I always have a weakness for the non-canon ships, yes I know, I can never

be a happy fangirl. But they are so perfect together! It reminds me of the

Phantom of the Opera, but in a good way. Lucille saved him from the streets and

introduced him to music, literally, she is his Angel of Music. How she helps him

and cares for him shows that she LOVES him, but sadly... sniffs it is not

canon. He is so innocent and childlike, and he cares for her and relies on her,

and basically she is his family. Yeah, this is not well put together. UGH, the

feels. The songs La Seine and Fracoeur's song about him being a monster in

Paris just make me weep with love. He is really hot in his white mask and blue

scarf. His voice is so... shudders so beautiful! le magnifique couple. THEY



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