story of my life PLEASEE READDD

Chapter 1

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by: nopls
Im fvkd up, confused, angry, troubled ect. When i was little my dad left me and my mama to start a new family. my mom didnt have a job and was a alcoholic. we had to go to go to free food places and live off of food stamps and unemployment. i was constantly left alone while my mom would be drinking or out getting laid and when she was home she ignored me, for as long as i can remember ive taken care of myself. i didnt see my dad much but when i did his wife would sexually abuse me. he knew and didnt care because she was always put before me in everything. all my life ive been put down and neglected by my mother and all i really want is for my dad to want me to be with him. i want to report my stepmom but i know that if i do my dad will hate me and never speak to me again. he already avoids me and i never ever bother my mom or dad with my problems and i try to stay out of there way becuase i know im unwanted. and not to mention i was raised in the ghetto. as a reslut of all this im mean, rude, troubled, depressed, serious anger issues, i have no self respect or self esteem. i try to get the attention from guys that i could never get from my dad. i have to take my anger out on other people, no matter how hard i try i cant stay out of trouble or mantain good grades. my mom moved us out of the ghetto and is off the alcohol (i think) but she still neglects me and i cant remember the last time shes said she loves me. i cook and clean and do everything and she doesnt appreacitate anything i do. suddenly she started to care about my grades and me getting in trouble and im just so confused and angry becuase all my life she hasnt even noticed it. she acts liek the past never happened! i tell her she neglected me and still does and shes like no, i dont know if maybe she realizes what shes done and what ive been thru or if she has a serious problem. shes on antidepreseants and anger medication that shes been on sense she was a kid. she had a bad life as a kid and i can kinda undestand why she is the way she is but what really confuses and angers me is that she wont admit she was wrong and denys the past. she says ive changed and i used to be so good and have good grades but that never happened.. and she says she dont understand the way i am but its her fault!! im just really confused bc i cant help the way i am and i hate her i wanna run away she makes me so angry. i really need some advice, mesage me or comment i just cant live like this anymore. thanks for your time.


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