Stop Hating On Christians

I'm so sick of the way that society/media portrays my religion.

Chapter 1

Here's What I Have To Say

by: Eunoia
I'm a Christian. I'm a Christian and I am proud of what I believe in. I don't care if you disagree or agree; Respect my beliefs, and I will respect yours.

I do not shove my religion down other people's throats. Maybe some people do, but a lot of Christians don't, so please just stop filing us all into one shallow category.

I was on YouTube and I was listening to one of my favorite worship songs, when I noticed the comments. There were tons of comments that said things like, "You're all being brainwashed." and "God isn't real."

I couldn't believe that those people had gone through all that trouble just to insult other people's religion and condescend us for our beliefs. I could sense that whoever had written that comment thought that they were above me. They assumed I was ignorant, simply because I have different beliefs than them.

And it's not just the people who wrote rude comments. The hatred for Christians is everywhere. On TV, movies, in books, at school, on the internet. Everywhere.

I didn't ask for any conflict. I just want to follow my religion in peace, but it's rather difficult to do when everyone is making fun of you or portraying you as 'the bad guy'.

I believe in what I believe. Deal with it.


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