Love, Hate & Acceptance

Claire is 15 years old , popular, smart and love one direction and hates all rock bands but the rock band she hates most of all is My Chemical Romance. So what happens when a person she despises turns up at her door claiming to be a close relative...
( I love MCR please don't kill me!)
I on nothing but my own characters and plotline the rest is not min I unfortunately don't own My Chemical Romance.

Chapter 1

Just another normal day..

(Before I start I would like to say that I would never bully anyone because I know how it feels to be bullied for how you look and how you look.I am writing this as though the band hasn't broken up but bandit is about 12)
The bell rang signalling the end of they day. Me and my friend ,Ally, cheered with joy as we filed out the classroom to go and pick up out bags. It was only Tuesday but it felt as though it had been a week. As me and Ally exited the school our other friend ran up to us." Hey Jodie what's up?" I asked
"You'll never guess what I just did!" Jodie squealed in reply
"What did you do this time?" Ally asked. Jodie could be a bit of bully sometimes but I didn't affect me or Ally so we didn't really care.
"I cornered one of the emos" She replied
Those emos had to be put in their place away. They needed to know what the popular kids thought of them and how they were saw as the pieces of crap they really were.
"No way! , what did you do" me and Ally asked
"I just told them what I thought of them and how rubbish their music tastes were and that they should just cheer up or go and die" Jodie explained
Just at that moment the emo idiot who Jodie must have cornered appeared from the school with bloodshot eyes. She had a My Chemical Romance shirt, black skinny jeans, black hair and smeared eyeliner from where she had been crying. She saw us and carried on walking. We all started to laugh and I shouted "hey emo moron"
she turned to face us and so did other people that were leaving
"Why don't you just go and kill yourself nobody likes you" I screamed at her. Everyone started laughing and the girl just walked away.
Me and my friends started laughing and left the school to go home. "Urgh I hate My Chemical Romance they're so dark and depressing" I said
"Yeah they should just kill themselves and spare the rest of the world the pain of listening to their rubbish excuse of music" Ally replied
"And how about that stupid idiot that sings" I asked them
"Hah you call that singing call it screaming and trying to pass it of as music
"They're nowhere near as awesome as One Direction" Jodie spoke
" Anyway this is my road I'll see you tomorrow guys" Ally said waving at us
" See you tomorrow Ally" I replied as me and Jodie left Ally to walk to her house
5 minutes later we stopped in front of Jodie's house and I was left to walk the last 5 minutes to my house.
I put my earphones in and selected One Directions album to play until I got home. I was ok t walk home alone because we lived in a good neighbourhood where no one who wasn't in a good job lived. The cold breeze that blew chilled me so I wrapped my pink coat around me and started to walk faster I waked the sooner I could get home and listen to 1D and talk to my friends about how rubbish rock bands were.
Boy was I wrong nothing could prepare me for what was coming when I got home...

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