Group Story Sign Ups Anyone? (UPDATE FOR THE AUTHORS)

Chapter 1

Please Sign Up

Basically people are now creatures and the world is ruled by one king (who by the way is nice) and his daughter is kidnapped by Scorpia (the rebellions against King Cyllius). So basically the characters have to go save her and not die.

Types of Creatures:

Werewolf- I'm sure you know

Vampire- They don't suck blood but they have the abilities of one

Fay- People who control Plants (They have plant characteristics: Leafy hair or green skin you know?) Fay are good at camouflaging.

Naiad- People who control water (Breathe underwater)

Ignisa- People control Fire (fireproof, generates it, uses it etc)

Skyrim- People who contol Air and can fly

Character No's:
-No similar characters. I won't choose you if you're too similar to other characters
-No 'perfect' characters everyone has flaws
-Remember to have coolish names I mean, these people have powers and they stuff
-If you're character is a boy I'm more likely to choose you just cause not many sign up with guys

Character Fill-Out
Age: (14-20)
Gender: (I need boys and girls)
Creature: (I want a mixture of them all)
Appearance: (You can look wacky and it'll be normal like bright green hair is fine)
Weapon: (It can include your powers to use it)
Love Interest: (This is optional but if you like my character or another one pure more likely to get in)

My Character
Name: Nevaeh Nightingale
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Creature: Skyrim
Appearance: Long Periwinkle Hair, Grey Eyes, 5'8", Pale, Curvy
Personality: Laid-Back, Easy-Going, Funny, Loyal, Detatched Trustworthy, Brave, Tough
Weapon: Throwing Knives (She has good aim cause she can guide it with wind)
Love Interest: A male character
Other: Nevaeh is kinda cold

I'll be choosing 5 people :)

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