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This was inspired by
who has an awesome rant book of her own :)

I dont rant much but when i do this is where it will be from now on. Some issues will be less serious while others may be more serious. i want to raise awareness of some things. i dont really want fighting but this story is for me to get some things out.

Chapter 1


by: Turnader
Im gonna rant on food first since this is on my mind right now. This is mostly for americans. americans do you know what you eat everyday? well heres a list of chemicals i have found to be bad for u and even carcinogenic. Some of these are banned else where in the world.

Yellow 5, 6
Blue 1, 2, 3
Red 40, 3
Why are dyes bad? They cause hyperactivity in children. They can make ADHD worse and children with ADHD should not have these dyes. Now these dyes are in a lot of things and are very hard to avoid. I have managed to avoid about 98% though. it is possible. In Europe if a food contains one of these dyes they have to have a warning label. so some companies like Kraft (A big culprit of these dyes) have stopped using them in these countries but in the US we still have to deal with these dyes. why do we get the crap? Why do we get all these chemicals? Why does it need to be put into our food when clearly using natural colors makes no difference? They obvious can sell them naturally in other countries why not here? this is why the argument they have about sales going down isnt valid.

Preservatives (Again there are many out there and they are hard to avoid. but these are what i try to avoid)

Potassium Sorbate
Sodium Benzoate

Now sodium benzoate is the most common and i encourage u next time you have a drink that is citrus like or any soda really check the ingredients to see if it has sodium benzoate. This is my complaint on sodium benzoate. This is the most dangerous preservative i have found. I avoid it at all costs. Sodium Benzoate is in many things mostly drinks. (I dont drink soda anyways) The problem is Sodium Benzoate + Vitamin C/E = Benzene a known carcinogen. Benzene in water is regulated while soft drinks are not. does that sound right to u? Mountain Dew for example was found to have nearly 5 times the amount of benzene than the limit in water. why is this? well its because of sodium benzoate. and mountain dew and some other sodas have fruit juices which have vitamin c. http://www.pepsicobeveragefacts.com/infobyproduct.php?prod_type=1026&prod_size=20&brand_fam_id=1372&prod_catg_id=1062&brand_id=1051&product=Mtn+Dew
that is why i hate moutain dew

Artifical Sweeteners (These are the ones i avoid and know about the most. But there are others)
Saccharine: Known Carcinogen. In the 90s the FDA wanted to ban and this (Sweet N Low) did have warning labels on it. Companies had a fit and so warning labels and all proposals to ban this dangerous chemicals went away.
Aspartame: Very controversial and is known to cause cancer in test animals. It is linked to diabetes. this will make diabetes worse ALL DIET SODAS AND MOST DIET THINGS AND GUM HAVE THIS! i have stopped chewing gum for this reason.
Sucralose most commonly known as Splenda this is actually the best of the 3. i dont like to eat it as it is artificial (yes im weird) but i will say it less dangerous than the above 2. and this is actually in a lot of things. however it does affect the insulin in your as body as does aspartame and can be linked to diabetes this way even more so than real sugar.

Other things
Brominated Vegetable Oil (Usually found in cheap generic brand sodas but if u read the ingredients on the mountain dew link then you will see even some big name brand sodas have this. I continue to do my research on this. First off its just gross to know that you're drinking oil in the first place let alone you're drinking fire retardent. It does build up in the body much like hydrogenated oils.
Hydrogenated Oils
very very dangerous probably the most dangerous thing on this rant right now. It is no longer GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by FDA and they are banning it. So we wont have to worry about this much long. But for the time being it is still in products. Mostly baked goods like cookies, cakes, and other doughs. Pillburry is a big culprit of this ingredient as i have found their products of all to have the most hydrogenated oils. hydrogenated oils or in cake mixes, Chips Ahoy, Frosting, and Pillburry Pie Crust as well as many other things. This is linked to heart attacks stroke and heart disease. it does not break down. this stuff is 1 step away from being plastic. This stuff clogs your arteries. so beware.
ADA (the newest chemical i have found so i dont know a whole lot about it)
This is also known as the "yogat mat chemical" as it is in yoga mats. its also in flip flops. it causes those bubbles that you see that make it foamy and fluffy. well again pillsburry a big culprit has this in a lot of products. it is used to make dough rise to make the crust look good. This in a lot of things. tortillas breads, and buns. companies like Pillsburry, Sara Lee, Wonder Bread, and Jimmy Dean all contain this chemical. This includes toaster strudles, smuckers uncrustables and jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches. there is a whole long list.
Propylene Glycol
This is antifreeze used in cars and yes it is in food. I have found to be in BBQ sauces and Mio squirty things u put in water. now for the Mio i put it in the freezer for over a month. Rock solid right? no i took it out and though slushy i still squeezed out enough liquid to make a drink. yeah. over a month. id basically sum it up that Mio is flavored wind shield washer fluid. Now Propylene Glycol is irritating to the respiratory system especially to people with asthma. its not the worst ingredient ever like hydrogenated oils but its pretty gross.
Hight Fructose Corn Syrup
honestly the best thing on here. its not a carcinogen but it contributes greatly to obesity. it is processed in the liver. it is not processed like normal sugar is. its not good for u. but i must say i would rather have this than any other thing mentioned above. it is good to avoid this when you can. a major source is candy and sodas and we all know thats not good for us.

Well i hope i raised awareness. it bothers the hell out of me that americans have to deal with these harmful substances and some other countries dont. i feel better eating in Canada than i do here. thast sad. i really hope some change is done soon and until then i will continue to eat an organic all natural diet. im not you have to eat the way i do i am simply raising awareness.

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