The JD Job (A Leverage Fanfic)

Mail room Clerk?

Laura didn't know how life would change when her foreman, JD, came to her to speaking of conspiracy. Now he's dead and everyone thinks she knows something she doesn't.

The Leverage team becomes locked down in the middle of a job they were not prepared for. Only Laura and her friends in the mail room can save the team and take down Sheedy Energy Corp

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Chapter 1

First Contact

I never imagined that my life would be interesting. I'd gone through high school waiting for something—anything—to break the pattern of the norm. Not a lot happened in my small Oregon town.

After I graduated, I moved to Portland to find a job. After a couple of months of looking, I became a mailroom clerk for Sheedy Energy Corp. It wasn't the most high risk job, or the funnest, but my coworkers were nice and the pay was decent by any twenty-year-old's standards. I had only been working there for a month before I found the corrupt roach in the chocolate pudding of Sheedy Energy.

Okay, technically I'm not the one that found it. My foreman, JD (short for John David), came to me during my break one day. He sat down on the other side of the table and handed me one of the bottles of apple juice he held. He was a few years older than me. His hair was brown and matched his eyes. He was always dressed in a white shirt, brown corduroy jacket, and tan slacks, as if he should have been giving lectures at a college instead of sorting mail.

As he sat across from me, he was trying to act nonchalant. But I was good at reading people. His usually neat hair was disheveled and the collar of his shirt was slightly eschew. He had bitten his nails to stubs, a habit that I was sure hadn't existed before.

"Hey, Laura. Enjoying your break?"

I cut straight to the point. "You okay, JD?"

His eyes flicked around the room. "Laura, would you say we are friends? And I don't mean just coworkers, but do we, a solid friendship?"

"I guess. JD, what is wrong?"

"As friends, we can share anything with each other without fear of ridicule, right?"

I sighed. "JD, if you're going to tell me you're sleeping with Karen from over in Research, I already know. Everyone already knows."

He shook his head vigorously. "No, that's not..." He faltered. "Wait. Everyone knows? No, forget that. This is something big. Something important." He looked around, then leaned in. "It's..."

"A matter of life and death?" I guessed.

J.D straightened. "How did you know?"

I shrugged. "I watch a lot of T.V."

Another glance around the room. "Well, you're right. If...if they found out that I knew, they would kill me."

I leaned forward and put a calming hand on his arm. "Come on, Boss. What's really going on? You don't look like you've been sleeping well. Or at all."

"How can I after what I saw?"

Believe me, he sounded crazy. Not in a dangerously psychotic way—I mean, JD would never hurt a fly...unless the fly had a machine gun. He just sounded like a man who had forgotten to take his anxiety meds and was suffering from insomnia.

I decided to humor him. "Okay, JD. Tell me what you saw. Maybe I can help."

He shook his head. "I...I don't want to put you in danger."

"If you know something bad is going on, you should tell someone. If not me, why not the police?"

He grabbed my hand. "No! They have spies everywhere. Even in the police force. Maybe in this very room."

"Excuse me."

JD and I both jumped. I looked behind me and there was Casen Sheedy Jr., the CEO of Sheedy Energy.

"Is there something wrong?" Mr. Sheedy asked. "Ms. is this man bothering you?"

Think fast. I laughed carelessly. "Of course not, sir. JD here is going to audition for a part in Hamlet that a local theatre is performing. He asked me to help him with his audition piece."

Mr. Sheedy raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? What part are you auditioning for, Mr. Baker?"

JD looked at a loss.

I stepped in again. "King Claudius. You must forgive him, Mr. Sheedy. JD is still quite shy about the whole thing. Perhaps we could keep this on the down low?"

Mr. Sheedy hesitated, then smiled and inclined his head. "Of course. I wish you the best of luck, Mr. Baker." Then he turned on his polished heal and strode out of the break room.

Weird. I turned back to JD. He was pale. "JD? Are you alright?"

He shook his head as if to clear it and gave me a weak smile. "Yes. Yes, Laura, I'm fine. Just...I've got to go. Forget everything I've said." Another pathetic smile. He stood up and hurried out of the room, abandoning his unopened apple juice.

I sat back in my chair. "Okay then."

After that, JD did his best to avoid me. When we passed each other in the halls, his eyes were always down cast. If I caught him glancing at me during lunch, he always looked quickly away.

Three days after our conversation, JD didn't show up to work. He usually walked through the door ten minutes before eight and immediately began work. When I got there at fifteen after (traffic had been a bugger) he wasn't there. I asked Jesse, another mailroom clerk and one of my best friends there, if JD had just stepped out for something. Jesse shook his head and said that JD hadn't even been in.

I didn't worry, not really. I thought that JD might have taken a sick day, or gone on holiday. With the way he had been looking for the last few days, he'd deserved some time off. Then Mr. Sheedy called all of the employees together for an important announcement, and I found out just how much vacation time JD was actually getting.

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