Different Worlds

Ariana was just getting her life back on track after her best friend left . But what happens when they meet up again will his feelings change or will he feel the same he left .

Chapter 1


(9 years ago)

"Promise well never stop being friends" my nine year old self said holding out my pinky

"I promise we'll always be friends forever" he said wrapping his pinky around mine while smiling . He quickly dug into his pants pocket pulled out a long silver chain with little brown bear hanging from it .

"Here keep this I want you remember our promise" he said while sliding the chain in my hand I put it around my neck .

"You'll wear it " he asked with smile I nodded he grabbed me into a hug

"I love you Ari bear" he whispered in my ear

"I love you too Zaynie" I whispered back

(Present day)

I clutched the tiny bear remembering the promise my best friend and I made nine years. I didn't know that in seven years that promise would mean nothing. He left to become a super star in a famous boy band known as one direction ,he even got a girlfriend named Perrie Edwards she pretty but I couldn't help but fill jealous she had him and I didn't . I had crush on Zayn since we were kids and that day he said I love you it struck my heart . Now he doesn't remember me at all like I was never there a tear slipped from my eye.

"Ariana are ok" Ben asked shaking me away from thoughts I nodded at him

"Oh because we were talking about the tour then you kind of zoned out" he said studying my face with carefull eyes.

"Sorry I was thinking about something " I said letting go of my little bear and jumping back in the conversation . Oh I forgot I'm a world famous singer after Zayn left I began writing songs and then singing them on YouTube . That's when Ben my manger gave me gig and I sung once I got famous over night . And now I'm starting my first tour for promotion for my new cd called "living once again" which was based on my life. But it let me get all that bottled up stuff out and plus it was destration form thinking about him.

"Oh Ariana I forgot to tell you I got you gig to sing with a famous band " he said siping his dark coffee

"Who" I asked taking a drink from my soda

"One direction" he said happily I chocked on my soda and started coughing

"What" I screamed

I started coughing again I couldn't see him not now not in person I get chocked up just seeing a picture. I mean I'll probably start crying or something stupid like that. I did miss him a lot but I don't know if I was ready.

"Ariana you ok" Ben asked looking at me concerned I couldn't answer right away I was still in shock .

"Ana can you hear me are you ok"he asked waving a hand in front of my face. I snapped out of it and nodded at him with a slight smile

"I thought you be excited singing with them"he asked a little surprise .

"I am I'm just in shock but why them why not anyone else?" I asked taking hesitant sip of my cola.

"We'll they could help boost your career you know since they're the in thing now I thought that it was good idea"he said relaxing in his chair and drinking his dark beverage . Oh so this was for my career but - I guess I have to do it now I sighed.

"Alright when do I perform with them " I said twirling my jet black hair around my index finger

"Tomorrow "

"Tomorrow and you tell me now" I said getting a little mad he nodded his head smiling I groaned and stood up .

"I'm going to bed" I yelled as I walk to my hotel room

"Ok get up early tomorrow " he yelled back . I jumped on the bed a kicked off my shoes and snuggled into my sheets and fell asleep.

(Zayn pov)

I stared at the picture in my hands of my best friend and I hold hands and smiling. This picture was taken the day before told her I was leaving to be famous. I remember her reaction when told her ,her prefect green eyes filled with tears as i reached over to hug her rubbing circles on her back to calm her. i miss her so much you couldnt even imagine how much it tore me apart to say bye to her see was my sister she was my bestfirend.After things started taking off with the band i didnt speak to her anymore. Suddenly something hard smacked the back of my head i turned around and glared at Harry as smirked at me .

"you alright there mate" he asked as he patted me on the back i moved away from his hand.

"what did you hit me for " i asked tucking the picture in my pocket.

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