3 Fairytale Boys

An idea. A mini series of events.

Rose Prince (Leon): To be Confirmed.
Male Snow White (Yami): Being scripted.
Red Riding Hood (Red): Being Written (7 Coloured Hoods: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/gg54a_b/7-Coloured-Hoods )

Chapter 1


by: Cozy_Glow
Once upon a time, there lived 3 young and handsome boys. They lived very far apart, so never knew each other.
The first boy was a Prince of the Rose, with golden locks and melodious voice, he was kind and gentle to all he came into contact with.
The second boy was a Prince of Snow stolen from his crown, fairest in all the land, he would help all and speak with the animals.
The third boy was a Son of Red, mischievous and kind, who found no friends in the eyes of the Wolf on his grand travels.

They each have in common a tragedy.
The tragedy that is their deaths.

Rose Prince, whose curiosity is great, pricked his finger upon the sharp spindle point of the Spinning Wheel. Sleep & sleep in the darkness of the thorns, awaiting the light of Love.
Snow White, whose kindness surely showed, took a bite of the Forbidden Fruit & fell upon the tiled floor. Breath gone and body frozen, awaiting life so dear to free his breath and live again.
Little Red Hood, whose mischief turned to shyness, stood to close to the bed & was swallowed into darkness. Drifting in the dark, waiting for something right, someone to call him back to life & love, freedom from this Hell.

Who did such things to these beloved young boys?
Caused their tragic deaths and hid them away?

A Wicked Devil who was not invited, sought revenge on the dear Rose Prince, cursing him to never be pricked upon the spindle of the Spinning Wheel.
"Come, dear child, won't you try to spin with me~?"
A Jealous Queen who wasn't fair, sought to kill fair man, Snow White, giving boy the poisoned apple in false hopes of friendship.
"Won't you take a bite with me~?"
Big Bad Wolf sought after food, upon meeting Little Red Hood, wished nothing more than to gorge on his soul.
"My, what big eyes you have, child~"

But despair they did not, for they could sense that help was not far from them now.
They slept on for a while, praying for speed & safe return.
Their gallant heroes rode forth to undo the cruel curses.

Noble Devil of the Reaper flew forth unto the Castle of Thorns, where upon a bed of roses, lay her lover at first site. His golden hair neatly threaded with thorns & petals, his face peaceful with deepest sleep.
Brave Queen of the Pure, rode forth into the forest, coming by an icy casket, where upon a fair man lay. Skin pale as snow, lips bloody red, she could not resist true loves inevitable charm.
Fierce Hunter of the Forest came upon a frightening site of boy & Wolf. The screams of terror was enough to unleash the fierce hunters axe & lightning quick speed.

Lovers kiss woke kind Rose Prince, who banished the Wicked Devil.
True Loves kiss gave life to Snow White, who overthrew the Jealous Queen.
Hunters axe came upon the Wolf too quick, realising Little Red from his captive jaws.

Happy Endings are always nice, but no story is ever quite so simple~!
Now here comes the fun part, of their stories & their tragedies!
♥ Darling Rose Prince ♥ Fair Snow White ♥ Mischievous Little Red

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